Friday, March 28, 2008

Knitting Through It

Knitting Through It, is a lovely book by Lela Nargi. She has gathered together sweet and inspiring stories from knitters here and there who find comfort in this therapeutic art. My friend, Barbara, shared this book experience with me and it has been a comfort indeed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


bootie experiment

My knitting habit(s) is becoming more and more bizarre. I think it is because of the election. I'm trying so hard not to get too hopeful but I can't help it. Our country is in bad shape. I've almost run out of ways to explain it all to my teenage sons. I'm now resorting to these lame remarks:

My response to College son when he asks about the economy: "Well, the Great Depression was pretty bad."

My response to High School son when he asks about the whittling away of our civil liberties: "Well, slavery sucked and Jim Crow wasn't fun either."

My response to my Middle School son when he asks about why we are hassled when we travel: "Think about Ann Frank, she couldn't leave her room... "

The dozen or so projects I've got going keeps my mind off such depressing thoughts. I've got a variety of things on the needles: baby stuff, garments, bags, scarves, hats, dishcloths, toys (why?). I've got to get some order to this stuff.

My First Sophie bag

And, to complicate things even more, I OD'd on that bag sale at my LYS. I'm ashamed to say how much of a haul I have but suffice it to say I won't be buying any yarn for a few years, at least!

Play date Diversions
A couple of weeks ago, I got to hang out with two blogger buddies. I met fellow knitter, Nancy, at Expressions Yarns in Englewood. She is a professional singer.

One of Nancy's album covers

She was at Expressions finishing up the most beautiful burgundy mohair coat. That's right I said coat - floor length! Later, that week she called to invite me to see Mos Def at the 92nd Street Y.

It was fun. I really enjoyed his talk and it was a blast to be with such an eclectic audience. Thanks Nancy for getting me out of the house and into the New York City for some non-knitting fun!

And more Diversions still
My button stash was kind of low so I was eager to visit my town's annual antiques fair to replenish my supply.

whimsical buttons from Modern Yarn, Montclair, NJ

Hope is a blogger buddy I met at the same yarn store as Nancy. She recognized me from my blog! She joined me for lunch and a trip to the fair and we both ended up buying tons of vintage buttons!

Diversions as Delusions
Well, life goes on even if something as personal as religion has become a central focus in a country that is supposed to separate church from state -

Well, I guess, at least, we are now talking about the hard stuff.

But no Diversions here
Spring break has just ended for my gone-off-to-college son. He was happy to just come home to eat.

I was too happy to oblige and not have to worry about having to find him hung over on some far flung beach!

Diverting our Attention
So far, with all of the problems in our country, the robins still migrate in spring. They don't care if I've cleaned out my flower beds or not. Mother Nature never waits for me, nor does time, history, or the facts of life - even if I don't have the answers yet...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here Ye Here Ye
Yarn Sale
Close Knit Yarns
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
$40 Bag Sale

Fill up a Close Knit shopping bag with their sale selection yarn. I filled up a bag of Jo Sharp cotton -

nearly 20 skeins!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Marathon Knitting

Last week was my Library's annual author lunch. It is our biggest fund raiser for the year. We host anywhere from 500 - 700 guests!

This year we featured Lisa See and her book Peony in Love. I must say she is a delightful speaker and was one of our best.

Each board member has to drum up gift baskets to auction so that means a bunch of marathon knitting for me. Why I don't spread this out throughout the year, I'll never know. Marce, over on Brown Berry Chronicles, has started a KAL to do just that but I've not compiled my list as yet because of the auction and some Easter knitting I'm doing for my lovely nieces.

I made several little girl baby hats. Our basket maker, Sharon, did a lovely job bundling up all of the goodies.

I also contributed a Yarnaholic's Yarn Tour. A day of touring local yarn stores and learning about different brand names and artisan yarns. I made a small clutch too and included the fantastic book by Clara Parks, The Knitter's Book of Yarn.

Pattern: The Clutch You'll Never Give Up, from the One Skein book

My terrific LYS, Close Knit Yarns, donated a basket too -

I also got a couple of my neighbors to donate baskets. Tim Harper is a local author who recently published, The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Constitution (there is one aspiring politician I sure would like to give this to!). Tim donated some books on beer he authored and I included some exotic brews to go along with it.

My garden club did a basket featuring an event we are doing with the extraordinary Simone Pickering, the florist to Prince Charles, Elton John and many others. She is visiting our club from England on Thursday, May 15 from 7-9pm. If you are interested in attending, drop me an email at

A neighborhood dad donated a signed football.

Jeff Feagles, kicker, New York Giants, Superbowl champs!

There were tons more baskets and we all had the best time. Now to get ready for my lovely niece's new baby. Marce I need help!