Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can you knit when you are sad?

Hakucho's blog said that her husband's birthday is the same day as my husband, September 11. For obvious reasons, I struggle to get into a festive mode that day. We've considered 'moving' the celebration to another day but how do you change someone's birthday?

So, I spent the day in a sort of meditative state and somberly made him a tie.

I hope that when he wears it, he'll remember that where ever he is in the world, I rejoice in the small miracle of a safe return home from a day's work.


WandaWoman said...

I always think that it's hard for those with birthdays on 9/11 to really celebrate now. It's true that to come home every day or to even wake up each morning is a blessing. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

hakucho said...

Your husband's tie is wonderful. I bet he loves it.

Due to our boys' busy schedules we have started celebrating all birthdays on the weekends (before or after). We call them like in my husband's case "Dadfest". Since September 11th is such a sad day we find it better to do it this way over a few days. Nothing can erase all the pain and heartbreak, but life must go on.

Hope your hubby had a nice birthday :)

Anonymous said...

My gramma's birthday is the same day, too. Hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday; the gift you made him is great!

AR said...

Happy (late) Birthday! Hope it was great. It is hard to be festive on such a somber day.

That's a great tie. Too bad my hubby only wears one a couple times a year.

Catknit said...

aah, its DD1's birthday too, we had a really hard time trying to be cheerful at her party that year, the news was still unfolding here when I picked her up from school that day but how can you stop an 8 yr old from enjoying her special day?