Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fits and Starts

I've been collecting Obama stuff. I mean, you all know, I collect yarn. I've not shared all the other crap, junk, collectibles I enjoy hoarding, collecting.

Who could resist, Obama lip balm? Right? I mean who came up with that idea?

I have Lady Bird Johnson pens, Kennedy biographies, Nixon videos, Johnson tapes. A compulsion you ask? Hardly. Look at this, it's what my pal Phyllis sent me this morning. Now collecting Pyrex is a compulsion!


Remember I told you all about this project. Not done anything with it since I started it. Who knew that knitting with nubby, bulky yarn could cause your wrists to seize?

I spent the day in the ER on Saturday. I was coming out of the bank and all of a sudden I felt panicky, my palms were sweating and my heart started racing. I've been to the bank in the past when they were just about ready to slap me because of my poor accounting but that didn't happen this time. I honestly thought I was about to have a heart attack!

I drove myself to the ER, we have a hospital right in town. Five hours later, I'm hooked up to all kinds of machines and some kind of IV drip to inject dyes into my blood so that the CAT scan could see where it is my last serving of Fettuccine Alfredo got clogged in my arteries. But they found Nada. Nothing. Good thing I suppose. My doctor asked me how many kids I had. When I told him that I had 3 teenage boys. He actually gasped when he noticed my age (49) and said that I was probably starting perimenopause or my kids were working my last nerve. Actually he didn't say any of that but he did channel those thoughts into my head by the look he gave me when he said that living in Ridgewood is very stressful. What the %$#$ does that mean? Sarcasm, I hate it when other people use it against me. Geez.

As I was getting dressed I overheard a nurse pleading with a very old woman across the hall to take off her girdle. This was going on while I was pulling and tugging with my jeans to get them over my hips and fastened. Girdle? People still wear girdles?

"I don't feel dressed if I don't have on my girdle." says the old lady
"Well exactly, Mame, I'm trying to get you to unwind and relax until the doctor comes in."
"I would never see the doctor without my girdle on, nurse."

As I fumbled with my zipper, it hit me. I could buy a girdle and this would go so much better. Sure, I'd probably do irreparable harm to my internal organs but I could finally tuck my shirts in again.

Exhibit A:

I'm going to order a dozen!

Etsy. It's become an illness. You could actually go shopping there and never hit the same store twice. Look what I had to have for just $15 bucks

It's a kit I bought from Heather Knitz. It's knit with strips of fabric. Really nice but I feel my wrists seizing...

One of my favorite blogs is, Through the Loops. You can find lots of great stuff to knit over there. I'm doing these, now that I'm out of Jaywalker purgatory:

Achillea and Anna's Socks. Isn't it pretty, I'm using Dream in Color's Smoochy

I've got a whole lot more stuff on the needles but I enjoy the variety, I make no excuses just enjoy being able to knit what I want when I want, no pressure, no goals just knitting.


sappmama said...

It's the boys! It's the boys! I've only got the one and he's not even a teenager anymore and the gray hairs still won't stop coming. But you've got the right idea, knit on!

I love the painting of the girl braiding the other girl's hair.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Obama lip balm, I've been looking for that stuff ! That Pyrex blog; I'm blog rolling that one. The pink bag, I agree; You had to have it, it's too cute !!! Also, I had my first anxiety attack when I was 47. It put me in the hospital with tubes, scanners et al. Yes, I remember, my son was 16.

Cat said...

Yeah, knitting with that lumpy yarn'll kill ya'. Girdles; I get sweaty just thinking about them. That last picture is the best when enlarged. That's our Debora; an intellectual-artloving-knitter...

Knitting B said...

Obama lip balm. Wow. That is just great. :)

Ava said...

I haven't seen any Obama stuff! I'd collect it too! Love the sock and the bag.

On a serious note, did your doctor check your thyroid? Hyper- and hypothyroidism are common in women.

Virtuous said...

Whatcha think about Hill getting PA??

Okay Deborah...how are you feeling now?? Any follow ups going to happen??

"No pressure, no goals just knitting" Aah to be like you!!!
One day......... :o)

Cbt's Closet said...

that obama lip balm is too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great knitterly attitude...no pressure.

Obama lip balm; I really think I've seen everything now! lol. I wonder where I can get some of that.

Lynn said...

Now if you only had the Nixon TAPES, specifically 18 min worth, then you'd make the nightly news! LOL

Great stuff posted on your site. And it does sound like a panic attack. Maybe post tramatic syndrome from watching your son make out in public!?!

Ina said...

Obama balm - brilliant! Also, MamaE has "Yes We Can" yarn and Black Bunny Fiber has "Audacity" yarn - proceeds go to the campaign, email to get on the wait list.

I rather think anyone who doesn't get the occasional anxiety attack just isn't paying attention. Listen to your wise body - it knows something.

LaVerna said...

Just like a man to blame it on hormones.
Love the pink bag kit.I am so addicted to etsy too.Hubby hates whoever invented Paypal.
I love Kirsten's blog.She was my sockret pal last year.I had to knit a pair of sock for her!Oh the pressure.She knits like a professional.She did like the socks and I was never so proud of something I knit.

miznyc said...

Good gracious. I hope you're ok. I just saw the Obama Lip-Balma and just about fell out on the floor! That was funny. Nice blog!

Beate said...

yeah,, the boys can get to you, but we love them though.
Glad to hear you are alright- but scary to experience.
I like your knitting attitude- I live by the same philosophy.But still doing the pinwheel by summer.
Girdles!! my mom used them and I remember my much younger brohter refer to them as the diet panties!!

Mary Anne said...

Those socks are so pretty. I love that pyrex site, I actually have some of those mugs in my cupboards (and I wasn't collecting them).

Re the visit to ER, I'm glad you did the right thing and went there. I went through similar experiences (twice) in my late 40s, early 50s, and I have no kids. Dr. said it was perimeno. I didn't kill me but it did put me through some miserable times for awhile.

I hope you are feeling a little better and will follow up with your personal dr.

Diane said...

Glad it turned out to be nothing. Boys causing panic attacks? I think it's just life in general.

Patricia said...

Great bag...I have one word for you sister...SPANX. Buy a dozen in every color.