Thursday, October 30, 2008

Better than Rhinebeck?

For those of us who live in the Northeastern United States, what, you ask, could be better than Rhinebeck? Sure there are millions of vendors and sheep and goats and llamas and all of that out door flava going on, but man, let me tell you about this amazing experience I had a few weeks before Rhinebeck.

WEBS!!! You know,

Phyllis and I left around 8 in the morning to drive all the way from New Jersey to Massachusetts. We were going to see our knitting pal, Carol, who just relocated there. Carol was going to take us to lunch and we'd get to hear all about her new life in New England.

Meet Carol, that's her absolutely beautiful sweater she made with Louet.

On our way up (3 hours of driving), Phyllis said if we had time, we'd visit her daughter at college too but most importantly, that no self-respecting knitter would ever go to Massachusetts without visiting Webs. So, I say, why not? I'm always up for seeing another yarn store wherever I go. People, I was not prepared for this -

Mountains of yarn in every brand

and in every colorway!

I felt myself hyperventilating. I was at a major dilemma. Do I blow my Rhinebeck budget now (and entire bank account) here at Webs or do I just buy the stupid hat attack yarn, SWTC Therapy, that I said I would limit myself to (Why stuipid?? it cost $10 bucks a skein - seriously overpriced.) What would you do?

I managed to calm myself and simply buy the Therapy yarn and a random skein of Kureyon which is what I do each time I visit a new yarn store, I buy a random skein of Kureyon, yeah I know, big whoop.

We left and headed off to a lovely vintage hotel and had lunch. I had authentic New England Clam Chowder which is so much better than anywhere else even better than the Jersey shore.

So what else? Oh right Rhinebeck. I think the Webs trip affected my appetite to buy too much at Rhinebeck, and, it didn't help that the stock market crashed and my bank practically went into receivership before it was purchased by another bank (whose stock I own but is now waaay below the price I bought it at) and life will probably get really screwy for me by christmas time but as there is practically nothing I can do about that now, I might as well enjoy life this moment before I find myself on some charity's soup line selling random skeins of Kureyon but I digress...

The Mason Dixon ladies didn't seem at all worried about the stock market, they gave a fun talk about their new book. As soon as I'm able to deal with the subliminal message that 'mason dixon' has on my psyche, I may one day buy their book.

I just had to bring Phyllis and Elaine to see the Socks That Rock booth. People go berserk here every year and it is so much fun to see it live!

Did anyone spot this lady? She was near the Socks that Rock booth, spinning angora and seriously wearing that gorgeous sweater she spun and knit.

Well, yes, Rhinebeck is fun. But I can't wait to get back to Webs!

Phyllis' daughter's equestian class


hakucho said...

Now you have made me want to go to webs. I live in MA but have never been. One of these days....

Shameka said...

Hmmmm.. how far is Massachusetts from Brooklyn, NY. I must do some research. Webs looks fabulous.

Beatriz said...

Talk about road definitely had a great time at Webs and Rhinebeck.

Virtuous said...

Yep better than RB many many more choices AND you can shop where there is heat!

LOL @ soup line selling Noro...gurl I've been over here eyeing my yarn already!!!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

"... before I find myself on some charity's soup line selling random skeins of Kureyon..."

That made me nearly spit tea at my monitor! LOL

Thanks for always being so good about allowing us to virtually travel with you. I have no CLUE how you withstood the temptation in Webs. I would have been in the parking lot tap dancing for quarters. :)

sherry said...

I am trying really, really hard not to be green-eyed jealous because you:
a)went to the Democratic National Convention
b)went to Rhinebeck
c)went to Webs (oh my goodness,)and
d)you have a Phyllis to do all the yarn-y things with.

I think I want to be you when I grow up.

Beverly said...

I'm not trying to avoid the green-eyed monster. It has taken over at the moment. Rhinebeck and Webs!

WandaWoman said...

Dang, that is the place I need to go to. Glad you had such a good time at WEBS.

Vera H. said...

Wow, Webs looks fabulous!

Jeanine said...

Oh WOW!!!! That's something I've always wanted to do. Sounds like ALOT of fun.

Ina said...

What an excellent pre-Rhinebeck adventure! I heart Webs.

Ann and Kay's chosen handle bugs me, too.

The lovely spinner was Navajo plying superfast when I saw her. "Like crocheting with your fingers," she said. All I can say is I bow to her skillz!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh, what a nice, nice time Deb !!! Your friend's sweater IS really nice. For sure if I had stepped into WEBS, my budget would have been damaged. What fun !!!

Harlem Purl said...

must. I think I would lose my mind if I went there.

I wish I would've bumped into you at Rhinebeck. Its always nice to meet bloggers in person.

Although I steered clear of Buildign A because I hate crowds (I know, I live in new york city) that spinner looks like Twain Revell (google her). Her sweater looks just like a bunny.

cici said...

That has got to be on my to do list, Go to Webs!. I keep hearing so much about it. I will have to settle for them coming to Stitches for now. Great post as usual.

Lynn said...

I'm impressed!! You did so well!! I think I would have spent more at Webs than at Rhinebeck. It's all so neat and bagged and no crowds!!