Saturday, January 16, 2010

An almost empty nester

I hear a lot of people lament about what will there be to do when they become empty nesters. It is true, your children, having been the central theme in your life for two decades or more, being without them can be scary. It is so important for us to attend to own interests and identity(s?) so we don't feel useless when our children leave the nest.

Watching a master do a bobbin lace

from a Fall day at the Cloisters, NYC

I imagine myself spending each day meandering through gardens, craft demonstrations, lectures, museums and stumbling upon street fairs....

and yarn fairs

and attending luncheons galore!

But I'm not an empty nester, I still have one more big guy to look after. And with all the lovely things I dream of doing and sometimes get to enjoy, there just isn't the kind of time I imagined there'd be when I sent the second son off to college...

Jonathan's first day of high school sophomore year this past September

Andrew's first day of school, kindergarten, with Jonathan standing by

Being a parent of a sophmore in high school is not for the squeamish. There are curfews to enforce, girlfriends to scare off (just kidding); serious homework to patrol and teaching them to take care of themselves - eventually

breakfast food cooking lessons

Oh yeah, there's football laundry

believe me it smelled far worse than it looked

football games every Saturday and Monday

helping to cater football pasta parties every Friday

Jonathan #86, Free Safety
Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no trips to the ER

And all of this happened before December! Here, in this new year of 2010 I wonder what life will bring. I have a big surprise to share with you hopefully this spring but in the meanwhile, I am trying to find peace and blessings in the day to day adventures (and dilemmas) this new decade will bring.

My college student sons are growing up and away. I miss them so much but am so proud of their new wings.

One of the last pictures I took with Andrew (click on Freshman class)

My Marcus can be so mild mannered at times, but as a true gemini, there's that other guy....

and yes, there is always knitting


Anonymous said...

I have a LONG way to go before our nest is empty, but my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall -- I actually will miss him being home with me.

Can't wait to hear your news! And glad to hear from you again.

hakucho said...

I'm getting there...with a HS senior ready for college in the fall and a HS freshman! My youngest is relieved that my middle son will be going to college one way or the other. He's anxious to be the only child. The oldest is married...still getting used to that!

Good thing we have our knitting...I know it keeps me sane ;)

Virtuous said...

It is sooo good hearing from you (well in blogland tee hee) and the boys (young men) are so handsome!
*whispers* Thank God you are teaching them independence!

Many blessings to you in 2010 Deborah!!

Lynn said...

wow, I guess I've been stoping by for some time now since you don't have little boys anymore. You have MEN for sons now!!!! Four more years and you will be sans sons at home. Unless they start to slowly move back in......
good to see you post!

Beate said...

So good to see and hear from you Deborah.Yeah- growing kids speeds up our lives. I wish you the best of luck.

Denise D. Cooper said...

I am on a short road to being an empty nester, and i don't like it :) but i am trying to warm up to the thought. Looks like you did such an amazing job with your son's.