Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby's Got a Summer J-o-b!

How can you not love Cherry Blossoms?

My soon to be 16 year old got a job. Gone are the days when $20 dollar bills were handed out like candy, "Mom, I need $20 for the movies." "Mom, I need $20 for the football game," "Mom, I need $20 to go into town." What will I ever do with all of this new money I get to keep??

On Friday I took him to his job interview and sat patiently waiting for him to be done. On the drive over to our town's recreation department, I prepared him for the fine art of job interviewing. I cautioned him, "No monosyllabic responses to any question, ok"? He answered with one of his favorites, "Um."

For years whenever I'd asked him about anything, like

"Andrew, how'd you do on that test?"


"Andrew, how did you do at the game?"


"Andrew, how was the coq au vin?"


They grow so fast!

Scenes around town

It is really hard not to notice all the precious things about spring. It has been unseasonably cool which, ironically, keeps the spring flowers looking fresh and the tulips remain erect and perfect for so much longer.

Progress on The Vest

I'm hoping to get it done before the end of May. The soon to be college student will also be 18 next month. There will be graduation AND birthday presents to finish.


Necia said...

Woo HOo congrats on the job. I remember my first job just like yesterday, although it was many moons ago. How invigorating and excited was I! I have a suggestion, buy more yarn! I can't wait for my 4yo to get a job.


Diane said...

Congrats on Andrew's first job! Quite exciting.

Barb said...

The flowers around town are stunning - especially those cherry blossoms! And, I think Necia's idea of using your newfound money to buy more yarn is awesome!

Sarah said...

"Gone are the days when $20 dollar bills were handed out like candy"

Just wait for the first unpaid internship...(Sorry to burst that bubble)

hakucho said...

You are not alone...mine call me "the interrogator" because I have to drag everything out of them if I want to know anything!
Good going for your son getting the job. It is nice for them to earn money. My middle son is umpiring for the third time this year. In the past he saved up for his baseball glove and this year he is saving up for a jazz mouthpiece for his sax.
Good luck finishing your looks great so far:)
happy knitting :)

stickchick said...

Congrats on the new job!!! Yay not being the Bank of Mom!!! I agree, now you have more yarn money!

The flowers look lovely. Mine have just started to bloom. We have been soggy as all heck, but just now blooming. Weird.

The vest is looking awesome!! Very collegiate.

tonya said...

Do you think he can help my 11 year old and my 6 year old jobs?

I'd sure appreciate it.

Mary Anne said...

congrats for the first job!
your vest is looking very nice, great colours.

Kirsten said...

Um, I can think of a few ways for you to spend all of those $20's! Lucky you! I'm afraid that my jobless soon-to-be-sixteen-year-old continues to cost me money.

We know all about monosyllabic words here. At least the popular, "I'm hungry" is trisyllabic.

The vest is gorgeous!!!

AR said...

Congrats on the working kid! I have to get my 14 yr. old a job, but he'll need direct deposit, the way he spends money!

Super cute pics

sandra said...

my 15 year old daughter wants a job this summer--I should have the "how-to-interview" talk with her also.

Lynn said...

Congrats on the job!!!! You KNOW they speak better to others than they do to mom!! LOL AND omg on the pic of the babies and then the man......This scares me more than you know. Well you are a mom so you DO know! In 10 years I will be in your shoes. I'm not ready yet.
Pics of the flowers and vest are gorgeous as well.

Brown Berry said...

I really like taking these photo journeys with you. And congrats on the movie part (no small parts, etc etc.) :) I'll be on the look out!