Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life as an Extra

I had the strange experience of being an extra in this film. A mom of one of my son's friends wrote and produced it. I spent the entire day sitting around in a 'holding room' at our local Women's Club - wasn't at all glamorous, more like detention.

The strange event began with my having to bring 3 outfits so that yet another mom of the same son's friends, got to pick what I could wear. I was instructed to bring "luncheon" wear. I usually wear jeans. I had this chiffon summer dress from a last summer's garden party. I realized from the look on her face that I needed to lose 20 pounds.

During the 8 hours of waiting I got to meet and chat with lots of nice people. Like this lady:

No she wasn't dressed like this. This is what Gina does professionally. She has her own personal training enterprise. Check it out: Fitness By Gina

Below is a picture of my friend and yet another mom of another son, who was the person who invited me to do this whole 'extra' thing. She's featured there in a New Jersey magazine. I knew Rosie was an actress and model so I did it for her. She has like 20 kids (in addition to her beautiful daughter featured there with her in the picture) and she and her husband are two very active and way cool people.

The movie comes out June 1. I don't expect you'll recognize me as I am one of over 100 extras who are sitting at a faux author lunch (complete with faux luncheon food). I enjoyed watching the takes and retakes and the, "cut, that'sa cut" yells from the director. That was fun. Will I ever do this again. NO. Unless of course, Rosie asks.


Ina said...

Ooh, 'way cool. I hope your face makes it onscreen and isn't left on the cutting room floor!

sherry said...

She has a bunch of kids and still looks that good? If she weren't cool and civically active it would be so easy to hold that against her.

"Extra in a major motion picture." You're going to have to make an 8th entry on the weird and interesting things me-me (though it's hard to top sneaking into the Jackson-5's hotel!)

Mary Anne said...

wow, that's very cool. I will have to see this film and hope I can 'spot' you.

hakucho said...

Sounds interesting and you never know what this might lead to :)

AR said...

Ooh, that's so neat!

Gina Jackson said...


I tagged you back!