Monday, October 01, 2007

Getting my mind off baseball

Last week I visited a lovely place called Wave Hill. Believe it or not, it sits beautifully in the Bronx. It is a place that you could meander through their many small gardens, have a nice lunch at the cafe and sit and look out way above the Hudson river and dream.

In August, remember my trip to North Carolina to deposit my money and my first child to college? Well the yarn that I bought, I finished doing something with it, which is my new pledge. If I'm going to buy yarn, I have to start something before I buy more. I don't necessarily have to finish it but I at least have to start something. Yeah, yeah, I know, that doesn't do a damn thing about my other problem "startitist" but at least my stash isn't growing, just my WIPs!

Plymouth Boku, 3 skeins and some random yarn for the ruffled top.

The bag is done, I guess I should have it lined and get the strap put on. This is my first time deciding on a leather strap for the handles.

This is a quickie cap I made one night with Patagonia cotton. It is a bit too big but I'll wear it for days when I want to look Bohemian.

I also finished off a Cascade Indulgence shawl/scarf I made with some sale yarn I bought from my LYS before their summer sale. Why do people buy sale yarn before a big sale is something I need help figuring out.

Oh, and I've discovered Noro for scarves. I made this with Silk Garden. I can just do these scarves forever. They are easy k1p2 rib, you can make them thin or wide. This one is only 4 inches wide so the striping isn't that pronounced. Next time I'll make it wider so I can get thinner stripes.


Sheila said...

Wave Hill looks so serene. You have been knitting up a storm - I’m sure your needles are still smoking….lol

Virtuous said...

Yes lovely scenes.

And my that is some pledge!! I try to only buy yarn that is already tagged for a project and enver just randomly buy yarn just because! LOL

That bag is going to be so cute all put together! Leather straps are perfect for you.

And I LOVE you already know :op

It appears that your F.O. list is growing too!! ;o)

WandaWoman said...

Wave Hill sounds like a lovely place.

You have been on a knitting spree, good for you. I wish I could say if I buy new yarn, I have to start something from it. That's a good idea, though.

Beatriz said...

Wave Hill looks like a beautiful place to spend the day. You have been busy!

Anonymous said...

You've started AND finished quite a few projects. Good for you! Good idea for you to start something with all the yarn you buy.

Mary Anne said...

Gorgeous photos of Wave Hill. I esp. like the one where you are standing under some pears growing on the arbour. Amazing.

Your knitting looks great. Is the Noro scarf knit with two strands of yarn alternated, or just one strand?

Janice said...

Wave Hill looks like a great diversion to baseball misery!! And all of your knitting is beautiful!! I think knitting is great therapy for whatever life is throwing you... even those curve balls!! Happy Knitting!

knitseashore said...

It is so nice to see garden photos this time of year. Thank you for that treat! I envy your getting so many projects done.

Beate said...

Wave Hill looks really nice.
Especially with this warm weather , we could all need a day of deflection.
I like Noro too.. good in scarfs and shawles..

Lynn said...

Who knew there was such beauty in the Bronx!!

And I'm loving all your finished projects. You've gotten aLOT done!! I esp like that bag. You can always add the lining if you want.

Patricia said...

Looks pretty summery in New Yawk. Whats up with that, I ask. Hooda thunk that there are such lovely corners in da Bronx.

Nikki said...

The gardens are beautiful! Next time I'm in NYC on a nice day I'll have to try to remember this place.

The purse is looking cute, too. Get that strap attached! I still have a crochet purse with 1 and 1/2 handles on it from a year ago!