Monday, October 08, 2007

Lots of meetings mean lots of knitting

Even though it is Fall, there are some flowers that are still in bloom especially with this warm and balmy weird weather we've been having here in Jersey. In addition to the lack of any significant rain for weeks, some flowers, like this dianthus, seem to love the conditions.

I go to lots of meetings in the Fall, hours of them. I'm also on line a lot, at the supermarket, at fairs and in cars waiting for one child or another. I used to read during this time but now I find myself knitting.

I do miss the books though. There are two that I want to read right now, Arnold Rampersad's bio on Ralph Ellison and Philip Roth's new one, Exit Ghost.

Actually, I could read during cross country meets but there are no bleachers to sit on, you just stand out in a beautiful clearing in the forest and wait for the 100 or so runners to come out of the trees. Instead I find myself taking pictures, listening to birds and watching for something to happen in the air like...

feathers floating from trees

gazing into the sky

Or just looking about the forest floor

Knitting and Nursing

I recently read something about knitting in public and if knitting at meetings was "proper etiquette". Immediately I thought of the debate about nursing in public. Once 10 years ago, someone, a woman, asked me if I wanted something to cover myself while nursing. I asked her if she would feel better if I just shoved a rubber nipple into my baby's mouth - but I digress.

I was knitting at my son's Back to School Night and I got a dirty look from one of his teachers. I get those looks from coaches sometimes too. I don't knit during one on one conversations only at group events, like meetings and sporting events. Why do people get so preoccupied with what another is doing? I'm not making any noise, I'm not reading while they are talking, my ears are not plugged with headphones, I'm not plotting a coup or some sexual exploit? Anyway, I continue to knit and poof

A lovely, lovely cabled ponchette

Ponchette's are for us knitters with ADD who want something instantly at half the size! I'm not sure how they will look on, I'll have someone take a picture of me in one as soon as it is ok to wear wool in 80 plus degree October weather!

This is a cute little cell phone thingy I knit in line somewhere.

Oh, and I've been playing around with that Noro Scarf I finished. It can be lots of things, not just a scarf!

No Longer Stranded

There is some knitting I can only do in front of a tabletop. Stranded or intarsia patterns with a motif usually gives me crossed eyes. I used to avoid them like the plague. I made a bet with myself recently that if I could get over this apprehension, I could buy more yarn!

This is a Berroco bag pattern, Damask, done with Patons wool.

I now have to felt it and line it and find a handle. Maybe I'll take a trip over to Purlsoho this week.

Hats with no holes where the color changes takes some practice

I'm hoping to finish this by weeks end, let's hope it fits!

All in all, Fall so far, has been very productive for me. I've finished a novel, a history book, some nice knitting and lots of pictures (please, don't ask me about housework).

random street lamp, Paterson, NJ


Virtuous said...

Wow those are nice quiet moments to take pictures of what nature is doing around you. Very serene.

Oh my goodness! I never thought about the parallels of breast feeding and true!
LOL @ rubber nipple

I hate all of the stares too that get on my nerves and then I say "Would you like to learn?" and 99.9% of the time they say "No". HA! But gotta be careful with that b/c that might start up a convo and I just want to knit uninterrupted!

I so have knitter's ADD as you can see too! Haha!
I am really loving that bag and may do it to try my hand at intrasia. They say to do your 1st project in that as felted!!

Sheila said...

Great pics…. I love Dianthus they are so cute – I got lucky last year and purchased 15 packets of seeds for a $1.00 and ended up buying like $10 – actually that’s when I learned the other name for them are Sweet William. They make great cut flowers. I like your ponchettes, especially the cabled one and your intarsia came out lovely.

Jeanine said...

Housework? What IS that? You have been busy. Your Ponchette has such harmonious colors. What yarn is that? I MIGHT be popping into Purl Soho this week too. It really depends on whether or not I have enough time to make a stop.

Beatriz said...
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Beatriz said...

I'd say you're well on your way to earning another yarn purchase. The Berroco bag looks really good.

Diane said...

I was at an open house and there were parents who were there emailing on their blackberries, texting on cell phones, etc. I didn't knit because I was taking notes but if I had been knitting at least I would have been listening to the teachers instead of just taking up space like the other parents.

Debby said...

Thank you for reminding us to stop and observe the beauty around us. We are all working at such a fast pace it's easy to miss those things.

You have certainly done a lot of knitting this month! Definitely worthy of more yarn.

I hope to be at Rhinebeck on the Saturday and if I see you I'll say hello. :)

Mary Anne said...

Your photos of awesome, esp. the feather and the lamp post - beautiful - and you have been productive with your knitting and your reading. I like the ponchette very much.

Anonymous said...

Wow, LOTS of knitting going on with you. How lovely.

I don't know why non-knitters are sometimes so bugged by KIP'ing. *shrugs* I mean, it's a quiet activity (unlike yammering on a cell phone) & not bothering anybody.

Janice said...

Love all the pictures! Like you, I now find myself carrying my knitting and taking it out whenever the opportunity arises. It is so great to have it be so portable!! As always, what people aren't up on, they're down on!! True with nursing in public. True with knitting in public. I say, KNIT ON!!

f. pea said...

Fall! Even if it is 80 degrees outside... thanks for stopping to appreciate the season! All your fall knitting is inspiring.

Rebecca said...

i can't believe all those "adults" are giving you looks for knitting when you're not even talking to them? oh lordy. well. some people! KIP is just a fact of life. some people concentrate better if their hands are busy. your projects are coming along, and quite lovely, as well.

WandaWoman said...

You're getting lots of knitting done! The cabled ponchette looks good. Congrats on finishing Inga, perhaps blocking it might help it to be looser.

hakucho said...

Everything's beautiful :)

happy knitting :)