Monday, January 07, 2008

Post Holiday Roundup

Well the holidaze are over and I've recovered somewhat. It would have been way easier if there weren't two Christmas basketball tournaments that had me driving up and down the eastern seaboard when I should be home eating fruitcake and sipping eggnog. Anyway, the 13 year old's team won their division so he was filled with good cheer.

At 13, that's about as broad a smile you'll get

Things were a bit more complicated with the 16 year old's team including the fact that his coach's wife give birth to their first child on the second day of the tourny. I decided to whip up a few infant hats during one of the marathon game days.

Overall, Christmas was sweet and the children grateful. No more standing on line waiting for the new power ranger toy or trolling ebay for something equally stupid. When your children grow older and you've managed to sufficiently counterpropagandized them, they don't demand the latest consumer over priced item. Well, er, except for these -

I'm ashamed to admit this but I was at Finish Line at 6:30 AM to buy these size 13, Jordan retro something or other sneaker. Limited edition of course. I know, I know, I'm guilty.

Santa and I agreed that the 16 year old should have his own computer so I decided to wait. Besides it is high time that I reacquaint myself with 21st century technology and figure out how to fix this dang thing myself the way I could have 20 years ago.

Santa knows I like yarn. But Santa believes that I don't need anymore yarn. Santa then decided to gift me with these...

I'll let them speak for themselves

Did someone say knitting?

I finally finished the swing coat I started over a year ago. It is from Expressions Yarns in Englewood, New Jersey. Don't ask me what it cost.

An unintentional sailor hat

I've discovered, too late, an ugly Kureyon colorway


Andrea said...

I am wildly inspired by your knitting (and managing to get life taken care of as well). I really enjoy your blog!

hopie said...

Deborah, the swing coat is beautiful and I'm so happy you survived the holidays. Maybe you'd like to do a Sit 'n Knit NYC event with me sometime in the coming months. Life is a little hectic for me right now but it is sure to calm down. See you soon. Happy New Year!

Virtuous said...

Ooh so good to hear from you!
Happy New Year Luv!

Gurl you are too funny! The swing coat is lovely! And love the precious baby hats! Giggle @ sailor hat and ugly Noro! Haha!

Now you know you are sexy in your new mocassion slippers! LOL!!!

Virtuous said...

Jaywalkers are fab too! What colorway are those in??

sappmama said...

Oh gawd. That colorway is tragic.

But all the other knits look wonderful. I especially like that light blue eyelet scarf. Nice.

Your new mukluk slipper thingies are ... something else. They look comfy!

Happy New Year. :)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, look at all that knitting! I am so jealous & just in awe of your speed.

Yay for the 13 year-old. And I'll keep my DH down here so he doesn't mug your other son for his sneakers (he's from Chicago, so I hope that explains it).

Diane said...

That's a huge smile for a cool 13 yr old. lol. Love that age. Your swing coat is so nice. Doesn't matter what it cost; you'll get a ton of wear out of it.

Necia said...

Your son is so handsome! And very tall to be only 13. My oh my how these kids grow these days. I love the hats you whipped up, and I even left you a Rav comment on your cabled Beanie. Sweet! And, girl I can only imagine the cost of that Swing Coat, but it sure does look comfy and cozy. Make sure it gets lots of wear, so it can pay for itself. Don't you know I forgot all about the egg nog until after the New Year? I didn't feel quite right, so I went out and bought a can, and spiked it with some Patron XO. Now I can really start the New Year.

Lynn said...

NICE stuff!! I esp like the swing coat, that is really pretty! And I can see getting good use of that, even here.

Lynn said...

Ok didnt realize these were under the same day. What a nice thing for you to do with the baby hats!!! I bet she will love them, esp that bright one!! That one is my fave!

Beate said...

Boy! you got some knitting done!! wow.
I have done 1 sock:/ , and some rounds on my pinwheel.
BUT I have been packing the whole house down, unpacked it ang cleaned the old and the new one.. PYhw- frankley I am exhausted.
Doing the final clean tomorrow and the last nails off the walls.
My hands/ fingers are so soar.
They need a spa or something nice.
About the sickness I think the husband is the last one inline.. and we all know about men getting sick.( they are one the edge of hell)

Beate said...

Oh,, how did you like to knit the jaywalkers? I loved knitting them( year ago), so fun and firm.

WandaWoman said...

Ohh, that swing coat is pretty. Loving all the knitting you've got going on.

Glad you survived the holidays!

Vera H. said...

Lots of great stuff. I love the baby hats, and I actually like the Noro color.

hakucho said...

Love your swing looks so soft warm and cozy! You'll get so much enjoyment from it. I bet it was worth the long time knitting it!!

lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)

Beatriz said...

Those slippers look like a great gift idea. Suddenly slippers sound like a great knitting/felting project. Great pics!

Sheila said...

Happy New Year! I feel you on managing to sufficiently counterpropagandized yourd kids... it makes life so much Busy... busy one... the swing coat looks fabulous. Great cable hat.. I'm so addicted to them right now.

Mary Anne said...

Happy New Year and I'm glad to see you survived the holidays. So much knitting! I love your swing coat.

Claudia said...

What a beautiful coat! Ohh and those jaywalkers! :-) ahhh and what a handsome family - you all are looking great on those two first photos! :-)