Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When your college student comes home for the holidays

I have a book idea. It's called, "How to Live With A College Student".

Chapter 1: Laundry 101.
Chapter 2: Why your living room is not a dorm.
Chapter 3: Why your sofa is not a spare room for touring college friends.
Chapter 4: Snack food is not breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Chapter 5: How to get your child to stop texting while they are asking for money.
Chapter 6: How to get your child to text you to say they will not be home for the night.
Chapter 7: When should the family car be returned to the family.
Chapter 8: Laundry 102.
Chapter 9: Chores, and how to inspire a college student to do them.
Chapter 10: Prozac is your friend.

Lots of knitting, not many pictures

I love this pattern from Knitty, the companion to Fetching. I made the first pair using Patons Wool. This one is Zara I think. I snapped this just before I frogged it because I did the cables in the wrong direction.

As some of you know, many of us here in Jersey are snowed and iced in. I shouldn't complain considering what my nephew is dealing with in Oklahoma. Still, December, in my mind, should never include snow - I don't care what that song is dreaming about. I need December to get adjusted to winter. To get cold and snow in the same month makes me want to just sit in my kitchen with a hot cup of java and simply spend the day looking out of the window -

Fortunately, there are some fun and games in December, not just lists, shopping and cooking. My garden club had its holiday party at a local restaurant this year. I was on the decorations committee. We gathered in my kitchen the night before and made 10 centerpieces and decorated a small tree.

My computer is still acting weird. For some reason, it won't let me comment on many of your blogs, some pages won't load and my bookmarked list of my favorite blogs isn't recognized in Firefox. Hopefully, during the holiday, I'll either get the time to fix it or Santa will bring me a new machine.


Virtuous said...

ROTFL!!! @ your list! Especially #5 & #6 :oD Haha!

Okay you are living in the wrong state not to desire cold and snow in the month of December! LOL

Come to NC it is a breeze here! They loose their minds here when the temp goes below 32 degrees!

Pretty tree for your party!

Hope you get things all fixed soon! I miss you over in Crimsonland! ;o) But glad you are able to blog!

Merry Christmas!

Claudia said...


What a beautiful photo of the bird!

We've had lots of snow up here too, in CT, but I guess that's more normal than NJ!

Have a wonderful Christmas - what a great photo of you, by the tree! :-)

hakucho said...

Your cardinal pictures are awesome :)

My college student (coming home tomorrow) will only be home through new year's. He'll be heading back to campus over winter break. He's working and taking a course. Normally he'd be home the whole month of January. It was difficult when he first came home when he was a freshman, but now as a senior (have to set expectations) it's not so bad. In fact we're happy to see him.

Hope you survive the holidays and good luck with your computer woes :)

happy holidays :)

Sarah said...

The college student's response:

Chapter 1: Who needs clean clothing?
Chapter 2: Every room is a dorm.
Chapter 3: How to house your social network - what is life without friends?
Chapter 4: Food is food - wait, I get to EAT?!?!
Chapter 5: Life is about multitasking...
Chapter 6: ...but there is a limit to the number of things a person can remember.
Chapter 7: So much to do, so far away - acquiring transportation.
Chapter 8: If you leave it out on the floor long enough, it will air out and magically become clean.
Chapter 9: Chores, and how to enjoy your temporary freedom from them over break.
Chapter 10: There is not enough Prozac in the world to make finals survivable; breaks (aka recovery times) are your friend.

Rebecca said...

well darn that computer of yours! cables going the wrong way? and they still didn't work? but what do i know about cables? your centerpieces looked lovely.

otherwise, breathe in. breathe out. continue to breathe while your son is home from college. reorienting him to your routine takes lots of oxygen circulating in your brain!

Mary Anne said...

I love your book idea!
Those cardinals and blue jays are gorgeous.
ps: send the snow our way.

Anonymous said...

Love your book idea - living it as mine came home yesterday. Very pretty tree!

Patricia said...

You must have been quick to snap the cardinals. Tell Santa about Apple Macs. You would be disappointed!

Sarah, aka the College Student said...

If you aren't a Mac person, I wouldn't recommend one. They're very counter-intuitive to PC people. It takes FOREVER to learn how to use the dratted things. That, and they tend to have hardware issues that require many trips to the apple store and loaner computers.

Beate said...

OH gosh!LOL..
I have mine home too and he adapted some hearing problems..
The "cave" ( read: his room) is the best place and I have to get used to having a 15 year old in the house again. Love to read that book- its so helpful knowing that there are so many mothers out there , breathing....

Lovley trees and centerpieces..

Sheila said...

You solidified why I didn't let my daughter go away to - Great window pic.

AR said...

Love your list. Please publish your book soon, since I'll have a college student next year! lol

Great tree, you guys look like you're having lots of fun in the pictures.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

LOL at your book idea--though I suspect it'd be a bestseller! Hope you all are staying warm up there.

Have a great holiday!

Lynn said...

Great pictures of the birds! I love blue jays and cardinals. So colorful, even the female has that orange beak!

Hope you had lots of fun and survived the visiting college child. If prozac doesn't work, Xanax does!!

Here's to a great 2008!

Janice said...

I'd buy the book for sure, for sure!!! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year is filled with wonderful things and lots of knitting!! Also loved Sarah's comment in response, although I have to respectfully disagree with her MAC comment. We have 5 Macs and they are all great and easy easy easy to use. Just saying.....

Beatriz said...

Really good picture of you! Merry Christmas.

Ina said...

Hope the holidays aren't getting you down. Happy New Year!

Calling on Kahlo said...

Happy New Year!

CresceNet said...
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BrownBerry said...

I think I have that EXACT yarn you're using for dashing but mine is Jaeger merino. Do let me know...they look fabulous and soft already.