Friday, August 01, 2008

Guest Blog, my pal Phyllis

Many thanks to Deborah for letting me guest blog- I had a lovely New England vacation in July, two nights in Boston while DH attended a meeting, and a week in New Hampshire.

I spent part of Friday in Lowell, Massachusetts, at the old mill.

Here's the loom room

There were only a dozen or so machines running, but still quite noisy. I'm sure that the workers had hearing problems, with them all running it would have been incredible. The looms are making fabric to become dishcloths-

Apologies for not having the camera during Saturday in Boston- we strolled through Beacon Hill side streets to the Common. Not only were the local canines getting their morning exercise, but two groups were doing Tai Chi. As we watched one group DH commented that "they really need swords". They took a break, and came back with swords! After the next break a small group worked with fans, excellent timing in the opening snap!

Then it was north to a hiking camp in New Hampshire. It's been described as a hiking camp with an eating disorder- the food was great, the camaraderie wonderful, the weather very wet. So the hikes were shorter, and at lower elevations than at some other times.

There were knitters galore- most evenings at least four sets of needles were going in the Lodge. I worked on socks, there were also afgans, sweaters, hats and scarves. Of course we needed a knitting related skit for the talent show. Performance art? Knitting in unison? A song? Someone mentioned the installation at MassMoca in 2005. Wonderful inspiration!

Below is our interpretation- brooms for needles, with climbing rope as yarn.

The presentation was well received. And of course you all need a view of the mountains….


cici said...

Thank you Phyllis for sharing your trip at the Mill with us.Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the broom and rope. Great post.:D

Virtuous said...

Wow! Thanks for taking us on your great trip with us virtually! Very neat @ knitting interpretation! Haha! :o)

Ina said...

Hi, Phyllis! Thanks for the fabulous guest post.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice.

Beverly said...

Wonderful guest post.

hakucho said...

Love your giant knitting :)

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