Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dorm by storm

My son had to clear out of his dorm. The deadline was exactly 1 week after finals, 1 day before he was to leave for Ireland (to sing in the cathedrals there) and two days before he had to sing for the school's graduation. I thought he could use a hand. It was Mother's Day weekend.

As you can see I wasn't the only parent helping out, except ain't no way was I getting into the dang dumpster!

The mom you see up there, was rescuing some crap that darling daughter could not part with after dad decided he wasn't going to haul whatever it was across country. Mom to the rescue.

I didn't take pictures inside the dorm. The room should have had biohazard tape strung across the dorm door. We threw away all linen, towels, underwear, socks and all of the contents of the refridge, bathroom and whatever that was inside the microwave...

I arrived on Saturday before Mother's Day. We immediately got to work. After clearing out 10 bags of garbage, we raced to the mall to replace the underwear, sneakers (phew), and socks. We needed a receptacle converter, toiletries, and a tuxedo shirt. Imagine, that child has been wearing the same one all semester, I was afraid to ask him how often he washed it...

After we packed his luggage for the trip, I had to box up his remaining stuff and ship that home. Two boxes of books, 3 boxes of clothes.

The campus nearly silent now that all are gone. It was hard for me to leave, I did get a bit tearful. It seemed like yesterday that I first dropped him off here. Now he is about to enter his 3rd year. The time, where does it go?

Then a group of geese walked by -

They weren't even concerned that I was standing right there -

they marched right on by, slowly grazing as they waddled

My son told me that none of the animals that live on campus are afraid of the students. Squirrels, birds, bunnies - none ran away from me. Cool.

I found a huge magnolia tree that really wanted me to sit and knit next to it, so I did.

I had the rest of Mother's Day, alone. My hotel had a special Mother's Day tea and brunch. I decided on the tea.

I had scones, finger sandwiches and the most delicious chocolate truffle I've ever eaten (even though the truffles Barbara brought me from California were pretty good too!)

Then, the sweetest thing happened. Stacey, my Crimson Purl blogger buddy called! She said that we could meet half way between Charlotte and Greensboro at a Starbucks she knew of. I jumped in my rental and drove. Did you know the speed limit in North Carolina is 70mph?? It is only 55 in most places in Jersey. I felt like I was flying!

We talked and talked for hours, like old friends. Knitters are the best! Thank you Stacey for filling my quiet Mother's Day away from home with knitting fun, friendship and laughter!


Ava said...

You got an amazing amount done in one weekend! I'm glad you were able to celebrate Mother's Day with tea and some time with Stacey. I'm looking forward to our meet up. We'll do it before the year's end!

Virtuous said...

What a weekend!!! And how did you get that pic of yourself under the tree? Luv it!!

Can't wait for more visits so we can continue to connect! :o) It was wonderful!!

Hope you are seeing sunshine now ;o)

Beverly said...

Reading this post takes me back to my mom picking me up from college. It's so good that you had a nice Mother's Day brunch and was able to meet up with a knitting friend. I totally agree. Knitter's are the best.

Jeanine said...

Awww what an AWESOME day. You are a great Mama. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Sounds like you managed to fit in some great things - befitting of a wonderful mom I'd say. Knitting under a magnolia tree - you and I MUST find a way to do that together sometime.

Beate said...

What do ( almost ) grown up kids do with out their moms? I can only imagine how it must have been. My oldest is about to fly away in august.. not far, but still.
And your mothersday tea sounded very nice. What are you knitting-- Something in Noro and something white. I updated my Raverly projects. Nice to see and hear from you again. Best hugs Beate

Sahara said...

Hey there!

Gosh, I haven't stopped by in too long! I'm happy all's well! Well I'ma change that and link you! Hey, can I come visit and knit awhile?

Mary Anne said...

I'm late but hope it's ok to wish you a belated happy Mother's Day! You look so peaceful sitting under that tree with your knitting. I'm glad you were able to meet up with your friend and have such a good time.