Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prom Nite, middle child

Well, I survived another prom nite. Will I survive the weekend? I'll tell you when he comes home from the shore. Supposed to be today, Sunday. Traditionally they stay out from prom nite through Monday morning. Don't ask. I graduated high school in the dark ages, 1977. I can't imagine what my parents would have said if I said, "Mom, Dad, I'll see you in a few days."

Another tradition here in my town is to have the pre-prom party. One of the families graciously lends their home for all of us worn out parents to come and wear out their lawns.

...and block their traffic

Then we attempt to line the promies up to get group shots.

So easy to find your child in a crowd when they have the darkest tan

parents playing paparazzi

It is amazing how much they actually look alike!

...and they took off, with the $150 tux, $150 limo, $200 prom tkts, $250 beach house rental and $25 dollar hair cut (he went two days in a row).

I was a little worried, of course, so I tried working on this back home

Piece of advice, don't try working on any lace project when something is on your mind. Even if it is a simple two line repeat, you'll regret it...


Sheila said...

Congratulations to your son. What a beautiful lace shawl.

Ava said...

prom weekend, beach house? I'm incredulous. (Yes, I graduated in the dark ages too!)

Beverly said...

I would have never had the nerve to say that to my parents and neither did anyone else. Parents are a lot more lenient these days.

They all looked great and I'm sure had a wonderful time.

Patricia said...

At least he's not going to the prom in a helicopter.
Mine graduated this year. They grow up fast.

Virtuous said...

Maaan I was back home by 1AM on prom night..okay maybe 2AM the latest!! I would NEVER been able to NOT come home, let alone a weekend! LOL

@ darkest tan - Haha gurl you are a MESS!! ;op

My goodness you need to work on a garter stitch project right now instead :o)

Lynn said...

I can't even imagine. I'm very happy my kids are still in elementary school!! Of course middle school is only a year aways......

carlita dee said...

Okay, spitting image, and so handsome.