Friday, July 04, 2008

No woman no cry

Yup, it's been an adventure this summer so far and it's only early July. I've wanted to post many times but first I had to clean out the hard drive in order to load more pictures.

So what happened?

It started with a ginormous oak falling in my front yard. No detailed pictures, too depressing. It was 9pm at night when I heard this loud crack and bam! I guess I should be glad that it didn't fall on the house but at the time, I sincerely thought that it fell on something - a moving car, a couple walking a dog... Fortunately none of that happened but it did cost nearly 3 grand to get the dang thing hauled away and get the cables to the telephone and internets fixed.

all that's left

I think I told y'all that I have a mouse. Well, obviously there is no such thing as a "1 mouse" infestation but I can't even go there right now imagining the possibilities. One night, I think, a mouse got into my bird's cage trying to rob some seed and, I think, the male bird fought it back because the next morning the PETA college son (who is responsible for me not calling in the exterminator in the first place) woke me up yelling that something weird happened to the birds. The male was really beaten up. His wing was hurt and all of his feathers on the injured wing was gone. Who the hell knows what really happened but that adventure cost me $175 for the vet.

happier times

I finally got to open the pool. The pool guys informed me that the chipmunks turned my heater into a chipmunk hotel. It is totally destroyed. The little buggers chewed up and redecorated everything inside. A new heater will cost me $3 grand but guess what? WHO CAME UP WITH HEATED POOLS ANYWAY? Pools are for cooling off. It ain't a bath tub! My boys will have to get used to swimming in a chilled pool.

With all of that going on, my hubby had nothing better to do but to paint my house. On a Monday morning these guys show up and commenced to totally destroy all of my flower beds around my house. Hydrangeas, specially selected hostas, perennials, roses - all trampled over or splattered with paint.

Even with a gorgeous face like that, he can make me so mad!

And, if that wasn't bad enough, it was the sulky 13 year old's graduation day and last day of school. So all of my last day of school/graduation preparations plans got shot to shit because I'm fuming over painters.
Graduation or the NBA draft? You don't want to know what I went through to get him to tuck his shirt in and take off that do-rag!

In order to prevent myself from totally wigging out, I decided that I required some pharmacological intervention. I reached for the Ativan. But, as I was so blind with rage, dumb me swallowed a couple of Ambiens instead! I don't need to tell you what happened at the graduation not that I could anyway because I have absolutely no recollection!

It was all a blur...

Several days later, the painters return. This time with power washers. They are now going to power wash the deck. Now the perennials in my flower beds are destroyed - coreopsis, lavender, dahlias... too many to list. I am now in the market for zoloft...

Then my new friend, Beate, tells me that she is moving back to Denmark. There was so much going on but I had to find the time to get together one last day to knit with her. Here we are with her friend Erin.

Erin then organized a group dinner where we could all say good bye.

So, have I been knitting. Yes, absolutely. How else would one survive?

These are Kirsten's Achillea.

Interweave Knits Cable Rib Socks in ONline Supersocke Cotton color Beach

What else? I'm also almost finished with my pinwheel sweater that I frogged, I made a nice lace cotton scarf and I finished my mother-in-law's shawl. I'll show you when I take more pictures.

Oh, did I mention that the painters destroyed the cables to the internet, the tv and the telephone. At first I refused to intervene and have it fixed. Let the hubby painter/contractor deal with it. But then the children waged an insurrection and I had no choice (and no zoloft) so I called in the repairs.

When I was talking to my pal Phyllis about not knowing what to blog about because so much crap has happened, she suggested I keep it simple and show you my socks. But, alas, I need pity. So, here I am, trying to survive summer with 3 teenage boys and two teenage nieces (a whole 'nother chapter I'll talk about later) and a hubby who feels he can now (after 20+ years) "get involved" with fixing up the house.

But, when I tally it all up something so simple made all the dilemmas worthwhile.

A lovely yellow finch. I'm so easy to please!


Iris said...

Only July, huh?

Love the picture of you and the sulky graduate.

Virtuous said...

Hahahaha! Gurl I so don't mean to be laughing but you make painful situations sound so funny! (you are a hoot!)

I have been waiting to see what has been going on with you.
But glad you are not crying and surviving *passing more zoloft over to you*

Yes I must say you have a handsome hubby and I see you didn't succeed with get the do rag and shirt tucked in! ;op Congrats to PETA!

3 boys? I don't know why I thought you only had 2 boys.

carlita dee said...

Don't cry no mo.

Look. Your husband's a babe. Your boys are following in the babeness. You have beautiful feet. You can now escape to Denmark (and find out if there really is something rotten). You make one hell of a sock. And a yellow finch is a sign of all the good things to come. See? Now dry your tears.

Beverly said...

Isn't it great that knitting can take the edge off. Hope that all the events/disasters are over and things go better.

If you made it to graduation on 2 ambiens you are better than me on 1!

Melodye said...

I haven't read anything so funny in quite a while! My broken foot pales in comparision. Hang in there baby, Septemer is coming!


Lynn said...

WOW I have no words! Skooch over, I'll bring the xanax, and we'll knit some socks at a coffee house.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

First off, I'm sending you a pound n' a half of pity !!! 3grand to move the tree ! Must have been a whopper and thank goodness for insurance. I wish I could have seen the fight between your bird and the mouse. Looks as though your tweety held his ground. Yes, I agree, your hubby is very nice looking. Your son looks very nice. At least Beate will be blogging from Denmark. OH ! Those socks are beautiful. I especially love the blue tone ones. Regarding the ruination of some of your perennials; Those painters are plant murdering maniacs.

LaVerna said...

Wow.I am in awe of how well you seem to be handling all of this.Even if you do need pharmaceuticals.My suggestion is hop on a plane to my house.Then I will serve you margaritas untilyou forget your name.For awhile anyway.
Sending you (((hugs))!

Calling on Kahlo said...

Whoah, that is one crazy adventure but all turned out well because of the yellow finch? I am sorry to hear about your garden, I am just learning about gardens and I am so happy when I have A flower.

Sheila said...

After reading your post - can I say please past the antivan. Congratulations to your Baby Boy.

Mary Anne said...

I hope it's ok that I laughed out loud at your series of misadventures (but I also felt sorry for you!).

Love the yellow finch and your socks are gorgeous.

Beatriz said...

No Deedee, you can't have a helpful and good looking hubby, cute cockateils, and a healthy son who just graduated. The socks alone are enough to make me happy, but I'm easy to please too. You have quite a list of crazy life stuff going on though!

WandaWoman said...

Seriously,that's crazy! I don't even know how you're not screaming or drinking heavily.

Rebecca said...

sounds like a wild july so far. hope august calms down so you have some well-deserved quiet time for yourself.

Jeanine said...

Whoa!!! BREATHE girl. BREATHE.

AR said...

Oh, you poor dear! That is the most crappy sounding start to summer ever! I hope it gets better real soon.

You do have an adorable family. Good thing your hubby's so cute, or I bet he'd be in even more trouble. lol

hakucho said...

I really feel for you. Too much to handle. Thank one was seriously hurt (your flowers should grow back, hopefully) right? I will say my troubles seem like nothing compared with yours.

On the bright side...your socks are gorgeous!! Good thing we have our knitting to keep us sane :)

Glad your little visitor cheered you up, I know it would for me :)
Chin up, better days are ahead :)

Diane said...

My son is 20 and I'm still nagging him to tuck in his shirt.

Hate to read all your expensive adventures this summer. Hopefully things will settle down.

picperfic said...

oh I feel for you and your problems that keep on coming...I know about 13 year olds! Surely things can only get better?

Beate said...

Nice socks Deborah!!!And thanks for all the laughs ..
what a summer- hope your birds are ok-- that mouse is too much.
and guess what? Boys do survive swimming in cold water!! mine did in the atlantic sea , close to artic- circle!!VERY COLD WATER

Elaine said...

I hope August is better and that the pool warms up... it's been hot enough.
laughing at it all is better than crying. be well.