Friday, October 23, 2009

Massive Update

Yes, yes, it has been awhile. Suffice it to say that soooo much is brewing that I simply couldn't settle on what to feature that I would not regret months from now. So here is a safe update on all that's been cooking for the past few months.

#1 Son's Semester off

My oldest son is an actor. Has been all of his life, however, I wasn't one of those stage moms so he was not a profesional child actor or model. Last summer, as he was about to enter his junior year at college, he decided to actively pursue his career - for the summer. He was casted in a bunch of films and he was the standin for Corbin Bleu in a HBO tv series. Now he is working on another HBO show, How to Make it In America and I hope he gets on camara for that one.

#2 Son graduates high school and goes off to college!

The dreaded dorm shopping

Last day at a Savannah riverfront hotel before dorm move in

Vegas with #3 son

Jonathan played in a national basketball tournament in Las Vegas. That place is the debil.

Why does my child take coaching from his coaches with his full attention and I have to threaten bodily harm just to get him to stand still and listen?

A weekend vacation to French Town, NJ

I took a long weekend away to French Town. It is a really pretty place. I also drove to New Hope and Lambertville and they were nice too but it was in Frenchtown where I found this:

Visited the Spinnery

Spent quality time with dear friends

My Pal Phyllis and cat

My oldest friend, Amir

My buddy Deb

My foreign phantom friend Duma. I met Duma almost 30 years ago when he lived in the US in exile from apartheid South Africa. He returned after Mandela became president. Whenever he visits here on business, he always finds the time to give me a shoutout.

So you see, a lot has been going on. Have I been knitting? Oh sure,

Noro silk garden sock, yarn gifted to me by my pal Phyllis

A really grainy picture I took with my camera phone of my Malabrigo bolero. I love this! Fast and knit in one piece!

Whelp, that's it for now. Time does fly!

Jonathan, Marcus and Andrew - a long time ago

Marcus, Andrew and Jonathan - June '09


Kirsten said...

Your sons are all so handsome! Best wishes to each of them in their pursuits.

I learned to spin and purchased my wheel at the Spinnery. The owner is such a kind person and an excellent teacher. I love taking day trips to Frenchtown. We do a little shopping and then have lunch in one of the eateries along the river.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for catching me up! Next time I'm back east, I should check out Frenchtown.

Nik said...

Gosh, you've got all boys. You know, I always pictured myself with a gang of girls.

cici said...

what a great UPDATE!!! Time stops for No One... Looks like you have as busy and fun summer♥

Mary Anne said...

It's so good to see you here Deborah and I'm happy to know you are doing well and enjoying your days. I love the photos of your sons, especially the 'then and now' pics.

Andrea said...

Great to see you posting! Your sons are all so handsome, you must be one proud momma! Enjoy your weekend!

carlita dee said...

It's great to hear from you! Your boys -- perfectly adorable, then and now.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you. Wow, the boys are growing soooo fast. I'm not surprised #1 was a stand-in for Corbin Bleu, either, lol. Good casting call!

Virtuous said...

Great update and so glad the boys are doing well!!

AND you have been taking time out for yourself too ;o)

More Noro socks...can't EVER have enough!! (if I can only finish mine Haha!)

Miss you much! xoxo

Lynn said...

Good to see an update!!! Amazing how big the boys are getting. Congrats on pursuing his acting career. Love Corbin!!!! We've watched our share of HSM here! Great socks too. so you only have one kid home now?!?!?

hopieknits said...

Obviously, you did a lot of things right. You have reason to be proud of the young men you raised. I, of course, am most jealous of Marcus. He is where I'd hope to be 40 years ago. God bless him and his brothers too. I want an autograph.!

Sheila said...

Wishing your handsome sons all the best in their ventures.

The sock looks great and as well as the bolero... lovely color.

Just noticed the pic of the crochet guy... I'm now wondering if he is the same guy I saw 2 years ago. Clearly loves his

Beate said...

oh- deborah- it is sooooo nice to hear from you again.
your sons - wow- you must be so proud. Our kids are growing fast, right!!

Beverly said...

You must be very proud of your handsome and accomplished sons. I wish them godspeed in all of their endeavors.

Lynette said...

those are wonderful pictures. you must be so proud. :)

Ina said...

Welcome back! What a handsome bunch of big guys you have.