Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling Better

Thank you all for wishing me a speedy recovery.

I've been keeping myself entertained with reading your blogs while I refrained from feeling sorry for myself and writing any tear jerky posts.

I've not been out of the house since Friday night, that is until today. I'm feeling better and decided to venture outdoors and buy some batteries for my camera. One of the boys had pinched my camera's batteries to power one of their gd$#% video game remotes.

While I was in bed, I wasn't sure what to do with all the time I had on my hands. I did start another pair of socks

I've gotten the Jaywalker pattern pretty much committed to memory now but I've got to tell you, knitting socks on zer0 needles is not therapeutic! I found myself trembling and breaking out in sweats each time I got to where I might have lost a stitch count. Also, knitting socks on zer0 needles while you are on drugs is not a good idea either

I did manage to finish one sock.

And, even though I had quickly started the second one, I couldn't handle it anymore, my eyes and fingers said, "no mas".

So I started on a different set of socks -

This is Sweet Georgia Brown yarn given to me by my swap buddy, LaVerna. The pattern was very easy but I still had to frog it once. I'm becoming so experienced with socks now that I adjusted the needle size for the cuff to size zer0s and the rest I've been doing on size 2s. I think I could have gotten away with size 3 needles because the sock did come out a bit snug

Another thing about having too much time on your hands is you watch too much tv. I saw Out of Africa - hated it; Dancer Upstairs (for the 4th time) -loved it; Lost in Translation - that Cappola family is amazing; and tons of CSPAN. What was I doing while watching the tube?

This is the first time I've done this design. It's called the Bobble Hat. It only took one skein plus just a couple of yards from a second.

I just love the spiralling colors on the top.

I wore it around the house for a few hours.

"So Mom, what's for dinner?"

One of the challenges of being sick and living with all men is that you are pretty much on your own for grub.

I pulled out my favorite cookbook and turned to a random page and came up with Chicken Pilau. I had all of the ingredients on hand, fortunately. It came out pretty good. I'd show you a picture but it looked disgusting. Instead I'll show you what I made for the #1 vegan son -

His favorite, rice and beans

Well, I'm tired again. Too much thinking, too much typing, too much cooking, too much knitting (hey, did I say that??)

Yup, it's official, girlfriend looks tired. Back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Deborah...sick & still able to knit?? You're so dedicated. I can't believe you managed some Jaywalkers while you were under. The socks look great, as does the hat!

Yeah, men don't care if you're on your deathbed, they still want to eat, LOL! Hope you're all better soon.

hakucho said...

Glad you are feeling a little better!
Good to hear you were able to get some knitting done...I know it usually makes me feel a little bit better.
Take care of yourself and don't overdo...the boys will survive (I'm in the same boat you are when I'm sick with 3 boys and a husband!)

happy knitting :)

LaVerna said...

Glad you are feeling better.Gorgeous socks and hat!
I have one word for hungry men.Sandwiches.Leftovers.Takeout.
Pick one and leave sick mommy alone!

caitlyn said...

For someone who was really sick, you certainly got a *ton* of knitting done! Love the socks, particularly the colorway of the Sweet Georgia yarn. And the hat is awesome! I have to try that yarn and pattern now.

Mary Anne said...

I'm happy to see you posting but don't overdo things. Knit when you can, rest, and take care of yourself.
warm hugs for you.

Kirsten said...

Glad you're able to get some rest, and knitting! The hat is adorable!!
That Sweet Georgia yarn is yummy!

stickchick said...

Man, you really rock!! Whenever I'm sick, it's all bed all the time. You were a busy, busy girl and it all looks FAB!! Man, do the socks look awesome!

My men need to train yours, my hubbo does most of our cooking, lucky me!

You get some rest, no more tiny needles for you for a bit!

AR said...

Glad you're still able to knit! Hope you get back to that 100% soon!

Love the knitting pics, everything looks great, as usual!

Queen Frogger said...

Your socks are lovely, I hope you feel better soon. x

Carrie said...

Hope you are feeling even better!!! And on your birthday?!? YUCK!!!!! I hope you guys go out and celebrate the moment you feel better! Happy belated Birthday to you!!!! At the very least, I hope you are enjoying some relaxation time in front of the TV :) Take it easy!!!! Hugs!

Lynn said...

I like the fact that you are pulling out random recipes from your recipe books. You inspired me to do the same thing but when all 4 of the crock pot recipes came out, well, icky, I went back to my tried and true. HOWEVER I DO have a cheesecake bar recipe from Paula Deen I'm ITCHING to try...

Lynn said...

BTW LOVE the socks!! Considering you were NOT happy making them not that long ago, you have definitely grown!! Nice job!
And I agree, I didn't like Out of Africa either....

Patricia said...

Don't tell, but I love an impending cold JUST to have an excuse to stay home and knit. I say "Bring on the sniffles". In moderation, of course.
Hope you feel better soon??