Monday, February 05, 2007

Sock trials

On Friday, I started another sock.

I love it when I turn the heel correctly -

It was going so well. I was attempting Grumperina'a Jaywalker
pattern. Then disaster struck. I got all the way to the heel gusset instructions when I realized I couldn't make head or tail of what it was I was being told to do. I should have stopped right there and emailed her or called my buddy Phyllis, BUT NOOOO, Ms. "I've been knitting for 20 friggin years and I should be able to figure this out myself" self plowed onward. I don't know, but it's wrong, all wrong and I'm now so very discouraged. Perhaps I should have done the same pattern from my first sock disaster. At least then, I would have gotten the pattern right and could have corrected the gauge with doing them in zeros this time. Nope. Little Ms. Fancy Pants had to try a whole new pattern. Bugger.

In addition to all of that drama, the weather has turned and gone from mild 40s to a single digit with minus whatever when the wind blows. We've got snow and ice. Yea, I know it's February and the weather has been mild but an overnight change makes me more schitzo than usual.

A good time to make Chili.

I'm still doing my recipe thing, trying to make stuff from favorite cookbooks. Yea, I know I said that I would pick just 1 cook book but I realized that I'm actually fond of two so I've been going back and forth.

While the men were engaged in their annual testosterone football event, I got to make a huge pot of that delicious Texas Chili. That should get me off dinner duty for 2 nights. I'll just have to bake a couple of loaves of bread and that ought to hold 'em (get it, Texas hold 'em.... never mind).


The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh don't be discouraged - jaywalkers are fantastic socks. I had some trouble too, had to undo the whole damn thing and then started over - the two socks then just almost knitted themselves. Maybe take a couple days breather, undo it - and then go for it! :-)

stickchick said...

You can do it!! They are looking great with maybe a little help.

Texas hold em, hehe, I giggled. Looks soo warm and tasty, yum!!

My hubbo actually wasn't so into this game and made us pizzas (that was the plan originally, I was just surprised at his willingness to peel away from the game) Strange.

Mary Anne said...

The Jaywalkers might be a little tangy for your first or second sock knitting attempt. Don't give up though. There are easy peasy patterns available that you can learn from. I know you'll win!

sherry said...

I'm no help. My mere year and a half of knitting only yields products of the non-circular, non-shaped variety. But the body of your sock looks just like it's supposed to, and hopefully it's the sort of thing your friend Phyllis can show you in 15 seconds.

The chili looks delicious. With no teams of personal interest, my menfolk used the Super Bowl time to operate power tools. So there was no actual football, but I think they were still caught up in that low-lying testosterone cloud that the game generates.

AR said...

Yeah, we're having chili tonight, cuz it's so cold!

I had to rip my entire first jaywalker, but I finally got it. Hope your sock turns out, the colors are great!

Diane said...

You'll get it. Just put it aside for a day and look at it with fresh eyes.