Friday, February 16, 2007

what a pain in the ....

Next week is my birthday. This week we got snow and ice

I understand it is winter, but these sweeping changes to the weather is making me more schitzo than I'm used.

We have one of these so I really shouldn't complain

It did a good job

There were layers of ice and snow that even Hercules wouldn't have been able to lift.

If I can get to the store to buy more batteries for the camera, I'll show you my next sock projects. That's right, plural. You know, ADD.

Meanwhile the van has died. $2000 to get it fixed. Let's think of swell birthday presents one could buy with $2000??

The entire palette of Malabrigo
A sleek laptop
All the books I didn't get around to buying last year
Scalped tickets to see the Police at Madison Square Garden (can ya help me??)

Maybe I can sell the snow blower...


Mary Anne said...

oh wow, Deborah, that's a lot of snow! and a lot of money for a broken van. I'm sorry to hear that.

so, how many socks do you have on the go? I know how addictive sock knitting can be.

sherry said...

Can't wait to see the socks. Very exciting stuff.

As someone with a van needing some care, I can sympathize. Bummer, bummer, bummer. I'd rather have a racy new laptop myself.

But speaking of racy, that snow blower is pretty darn slick! We only get the kind of snow that needs one once a year or so, but that's enough to give me snow-blower-envy.

Stay warm. Knit socks!

hakucho said...

You are lucky you could clear your driveway. We got mostly ice and it's very thick on our driveway. I think we will have ice until May. No sun to melt it :(

Sorry about your van :(

Can't wait to see your sock project(S)

happy knitting :)

sappmama said...

Oh, man. I would love to get you those tickets and I would go with you!

AR said...

Ooh! Bring that snowblower over here. I need to borrow it. You rock, girl!

Anonymous said...

When EXACTLY is your birthday?