Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Socky persistance

So many of you encouraged me to not give up on this sock and it really worked. As some of you said, when I went back to it, the instructions made more sense and I figured it out. Then the challenge was to rip back my mistakes - about 3-4 rows all the way to the heel. Not easy to do with zero sized stitches. Well, folks, years of being a big mistake stricken knitter does come in handy. I successfully ripped out my mistake and was able to line up the stitches on the correct needles. I continued on with the heel gusset and instep -

This is the color without the flash

And the color with the flash

Ok, so now I'm up to the part in the instructions called the Foot and I'm stuck again. This time I paused and emailed Grumperina at 1:30am. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. This is what the instructions say to do:

Continue even in established pattern (including the slipped stitches mentioned above) until foot measures 2 inches (5 cm) less than desired finished length. End with round 1 of zigzag pattern.

Ok, all of you Jaywalker gurus out there. Does this mean I continue in the zigzag pattern without decreasing as the instructions say in the heel gusset part?

Or do I just continue knitting the 2 rows of the zigzag pattern until the foot measures up to my measurements?



The Crafty Weasel said...

hmmm, I tend to "customize" my socks because I do a sherman heel.

Not sure if this makes sense, but this is what I do (on 5 needles):

if you are done with the heel, have picked up all stitches and have the same number of stitches as before the heel - on the sole just knit; on the top, just do the zigzag pattern as is.

Does this make sense? Was this what you wanted to know?

The Crafty Weasel said...

ah, and I usually follow the pattern until my foot starts getting narrower by the tiny toe and then start my decreases for the toe.

Beatriz said...

Deborah, I think it means to continue in zigzag pattern w/o decreases. The toe decrease section is about 2 inches on most adult socks. It looks marvelous so far!

AR said...

I think, (it's been a while since I did my jaywalkers) but, I think if you did the gusset and are on the foot, do the pattern on the top of the foot, and slip the last and first st. of the bottom to make it look like the pattern. Until it's time for the toe dec. ????

Hope I didn't make it worse!

It looks great so far!

Patricia said...

Great Jaywalkers. Do what ar says. I knit these last summer and like an idiot never inserted any knit rows. It took several inches before I figured that out. My Jaywalkers are snug. So, I hope that you've tried them on!

Anonymous said...

I have some Lorna's Laces sock yarn. I think I'll try them!