Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Blogger

Well guys, I've converted. It took me a couple of days. For awhile, I had no idea what I was doing. Now it seems pretty easy. I especially like how easy it is to change the sidebar. Pardon all the "graffiti" there but I sort of went ga ga.

My basketball knitting has been cut in half. Jonathan, my youngest, says that knitting at his games is like, "worse than not coming at all." Well excuuuuuussssss me.

Some of you have asked what I knitted while I was stuck at Night Court. Well, to humor myself, I brought along some orange yarn in solidarity with the guys who were forced to wear orange jumpsuits (those things are so tacky).

But, after hearing some of the sad, sad stories of the prisoners, I realized that my idea was tacky and there was no trivializing what happens to people. Now, what do I do with this hat?


stickchick said...

I think the hat is fun, you weren't trying to be tacky or spiteful of the blight of the prisoners! I don't think it undermines the prisoners, it was a nod to the travesty you were dealt for having to pay $450!! You were the prisoner of a system of dummies!!

Sorry, I am so wanting to say something like "power to the knitters" but THAT would be tacky. Aw heck, if I wasn't tacky, I wouldn't be me!! (oh dear)

Mary Anne said...

Cute hat! I love orange. I wouldn't think of it as a tacky idea at all, more in empathy with those who are suffering through difficult circumstances.

Beatriz said...

So sorry your son feels that way...I wish I had some words of advice on the basketball/knitting thing. I think the orange thing is fine, nice hat btw...what I'm concerned about is that Jury Services locally won't allow knitting anymore. Perhaps if I get called again this Spring is read pattern books.

sherry said...

Wow, I've done a lot of soccer knitting and never gotten a complaint.

I think the hat is lovely, but it is now tainted by it's part in the whole night court experience, and in order to cleanse it's karma it now needs to be a Dulaan hat or something. I could be wrong though.

Carrie said...

I still think the safety orange knitting is funny... although incarcerated, they need to be warm while being color coordinated, right? :) (so, in my opinion, not tacky at all) Night Court does not sound like a good time... ick. I'd love to hear more about the "store disturbances"... what's it about retail that brings out the crazies? :)

Kirsten said...

Well I like your little flag game it the side bar. I did really badly the first time, the second was marginally better!
I know the feeling about the kids complaining about he KIP'ing. Why doesn't anyone understand that we are simply multitasking?
I agree with Mary Anne, think of the hat as being knit in empathy.

Anonymous said...

Keep the hat! Nothing wrong with that. Or maybe give it to someone who's had a hard go of it.

hakucho said...

Well, so far so good...nothing has crashed so far . Maybe the new blogger fixed my little problem!

I guess I'm so lucky that my boys haven't complained yet about me knitting at all their games :)
I think they know better by now :)
happy knitting :)

Diane said...

My kids complained about my knitting. I told them that it's my hobby and how I like to spend my time. I continued to knit and they put up with it.

All it will take is a friend commenting that a scarf or hat is "cool" and your son will be fine with it. So keep knitting because it's better to knit and attend the game than not going at all.

AR said...

I love orange. LOL

The only place I haven't KIP is Malcolm's basketball. I get too involved yelling at the refs, and I might mess up my knitting!