Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vintage Swap

I learned about a fun swap called Vintage Swaps. I did it as a whim really because I love visiting vintage stores and I have some nice vintage sewing and knitting notions. I also have some pictures, postcards, linens, jewelry... well you get the idea, lotso stuff. I thought if I did the swap I'd find a nice home for some really nice things.

Unfortunately, I didn't include much of my own things. My vintage books and other stuff, I found too hard to part with. This meant that I had to go look for new/old stuff! I have some terrific pictures of what I found that I'll share after my swap buddy gets her package!

Here's what I received from Meegan. She has been patiently awaiting my package which is regrettably late. So sorry Meegan :(

This book is my favorite thing that Meegan sent me. It is Wuthering Heights! Isn't it beautiful. I love the art deco binder. The linen napkin was also in my box, so sweet.


Meegan said...

not to worry at all. i know i'll be delighted to receive your package of vintage goodness whenever it arrives.

i'm glad you truly love the book as much as i did. it was hard to part with the treasure, but its good to know it found its way to someone who appreciates it!

AR said...

Nice new/old stuff. If my house wasn't already cluttered with stuff, I'd have to become a collector.

Anonymous said...

oooohh, ahhhhh!!! Those are wonderful treasures!! That looks like a wonderful treasure trove of fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!

And heads up - I've sent you an email on our transaction.