Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday I had the privilege of being a principle actor in a perennial sitcom, Night Court - and you thought it was canceled, right? Nope. The role only cost me $450. It plays every night in a township near you. Allow me to introduce you to the characters -

In New Jersey, Atlantic City isn't the only place where they have casinos.

The prosecutor, look familiar?? Come on people! Look it up.

The bailiff

After watching this guy plead his case, I knew it was pointless for me to do the same.

Next time, I bring my lawyers!


stickchick said...

So I'm guessing your day at court was less then lovely? (um, duh!!)

I'm sorry it was such an obvious travesty. What a pain in the butt!! Did you at least get to take some knitting along and not have it be a total waste?

Loving the idea for lawyers, that might just work!! ;-)

OH!! Did you get signed up for the new Tote Exchange 3? I hope so!! Can't wait to see what cool thing you make this time that I can't have!! (not bitter about those bunny buttons, nope, not me!!)

Calling Kahlo said...

DH got a ticket this week and we contacted the lawyer asap as I have heard sadly it builds a stronger case. My mom went to court last week and this is literally what happened, they dropped the points and raised the fine payable to the town. Interesting, huh?

AR said...

Ooh, ouch! That could've bought alotta yarn!

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Well, you're doing what writers do: using your life as material.

I actually like the hat. Wear it!

sherry said...

Oh my. . .there are so much more fun ways to spend time and money.