Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playdate with Phyllis

A few weeks before Christmas, I had a play date with my knitting buddy, Phyllis. She invited me over for a felting extravaganza. She was finishing up a pair of clogs and she wanted to transform an old sweater of hers into a bag.

I was reminded of our fun afternoon together when I visited my local LYS the other day and there she was wearing her beautiful bag with this amazing leather strap she had sewn on. She mentioned that the straps were not just any old leather straps, they were formerly used as carriage reins. She had them cut down for her bag.

I'll have to talk her into modeling it for me so I can snap a picture for you guys.

The first cut is the hardest! Phyllis is cutting off the sweater's sleeves!

In the foreground are the clogs.

Phyllis' cat loves to craft too. He inspected everything.

Seaming up the clogs before they are felted.

Cutting off extra fuzzies after felting

I think everyone who felts stuff should watch a friend do theirs. I don't know about you but sometimes I feel that the wool and my washing machine sometime conspire to sabotage my projects. Once, it took me nearly an hour to felt one small bag. I never got it to felt. In that case, the wool HAD sabotaged me. Out of all the hundreds of yarn at junky craft store, I managed to buy the one bag of mislabeled wool yarn IT WAS ACTUALLY ACRYLIC. That crap wasn't gonna felt no way. Had I continued with an idea to stick it in a pot of boiling water over a rolling flame, it would have probably melted!


Anonymous said...

oh... yeah, where's the bag? Me want to see!!

Nik said...

I'd like to see the bag too.
That would have totally made me mad. Did you tell the store? did they give you replacement yarn for their screw-up?

Mary Anne said...

It looks like a fun project. I've not tried felting yet, at least not intentionally :)

AR said...

I want to see that bag! Looks like a fun day. The colors on the clogs look nice. I love bright colors.

Once I was trying to felt a bag I knit. I tried and tried, and it kept stretching! Yeah, it was superwash wool. *blush* I never even checked the label until after it wouldn't felt.

Anonymous said...

What a fun fun day with a friend. Would love to see the bag! The clogs look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

How cool to see Phyllis transfoming that sweater.
Look like it was one of thos big Icelandic lopi sweaters, right?
What type of collar did that sweater have?
Made anything from the top of the sweater?
My husband has a big lopi sweater with a turtleneck collar that im totally inspired to cut up :-)

Patricia said...

That sweater looks like the one thatI bought at Target on clearance. Isaac Mizrahi. Do I win the microwave!

Deborah said...

Phyllis deconstructed a sweater that she knitted for herself I think she said 30 years ago!