Monday, January 22, 2007

Knitting and photo editing

I finished a few projects this weekend. I was not happy with the pictures. I looked tired, haggard and, and, well, 48. My birthday is next month, I'll be 48. It's ok really. No, no it's not, I'm scared to death.

I started this hat at Jonathan's 2nd basketball game on Sunday. I finished it watching the football marathon on TV. I don't know what came over my hubby, but he cooked dinner Sunday so I had a lot of unexpected time on my hands. It's a stash hat made with Crystal Palace Fling novelty yarn, Jo Sharp Silkroad and something else I've long lost the label for. I kept fussing with the photo editor trying to get the light right so that you could see the yarn better when I discovered these fun filters that let me do this -

Wow, what an improvement on the nearly 50 face! I used a colored pencil filter.

This is more Fling yarn in blue along with some mohair and Jo Sharp Silkroad - 4 strands in all. My oldest son says it looks like a synchronized swimming hat. Whatevah!

I finished that Aura hat worn by the really gorgeous model in the Rowan book. I decided to take some more liberties with my photo editor -

I did the hat with 70 stitches on a 7 circular needle. I also left off a few rounds of filler between the decrease rounds. I should do a better job with taking notes.

I am really happy to report that I redid the picot edge on the truffle clutch and now it's all ready to be lined. My friend Phyllis had promised to help me gain some skillz with sewing so I hope she'll help me do the lining. I haven't found the fabric yet and I guess I'll have to buy a cute vintage like pin for the front.

This is my version

Jo Sharp's version

Finally, this is a sweet hat done with Lisa Souza yarn. It's from my Knitters' Coffee Swap pal, LaVerna.


Beatriz said...

I don't know if my camera has I'm curious. Great pics and the hats look like they were fun to work on during the games.

Anonymous said...

Man, you were a busy girl!! Quite the impressive line-up of finished goodies, each cuter then the next!!

All the hats look great and I love your truffle bag!!

Mary Anne said...

Love all the hats and what your camera filters can do!

Don't worry about turning 48 or 50. I'm gonna be 57 this year. It's cool being this age. Lots of perks. I'll write a list one day :)

Anonymous said...

I am loving all the hats.They look good on you girl!

Anonymous said...

I love the Aura hat --- it is too cute on you!

AR said...

Your knitting is so cute, and there is no way you look 48! Gotta love it when hubby cooks!

Anonymous said...

Nice hats, all, but I really love the Rowan one. And the clutch is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great hats!! And I LOVE the truffle bag! Don't worry about turning's a privilege denied many!

sherry said...

Oh Sweetie, if you think you look haggard in those pictures, then you are looking like a haggard Dove Soap model. You look fabulous, and I would have guessed you were 10 years younger, even given that you have a son with college application deadline issues. The modifications you made to the Aura hat worked beautifully, its a keeper.

Kirsten said...

You don't look anywhere near 48!!!!! Your skin is flawless!!! I know what you mean though, I look in the mirror some days and am shocked at the face that is looking back, how did we get here already.

The hat, by the way, is so much fun, and looks great on you!