Sunday, August 19, 2007

...and then there were 2

I've returned from North Carolina and the 10 plus hour drive. I'm sufficiently brain dead, emotionally drained and generally catatonic. Nothing can prepare you for the rush of emotions when you drop a child off to college. For the past 13 years, I've had 3 children to care for, and now there are 2...

Dorm setup, "Mom I'd rather do it myself."

Do I look scholarly yet?

Our contribution to Target's bottom line

I have loads more pictures that I'm sorting through so stay tuned. Yarn therapy is a good thing. When I was anxious, my family and my car's GPS system helped me to find yarn stores. I got some great bargains and met some sweet knitter store ladies in both Greensboro and Chapel Hill that I'm eager to tell you about.

Oh, and before I forget, here are pictures of some projects I finished before I left. These were manic knitting events that I threw myself into usually around midnight when I couldn't sleep worrying about all the logistics with getting this boy young man off to school.

A nice silk, cotton and cashmere poncho for the end of the summer.

Another poncho from loads of rowan tape that I bought on a closeout close to 2 years ago.

And last but certainly not least, my blogger pal Marce talked about starting this so I thought I would join her when I realized that I had too many of these -

Because you'll need lots to make this (but it is fun)

Figured out what it is yet? I bought the yarn in Rhinebeck last Fall.

The famous Clapotis
my first.

Sharing with my cousins.


Rebecca said...

your Clapotis is gorgeous. love those colors. the yarn for mine has sat somewhere for months and months. i found the pattern daunting.

hope you had a good time in NC, it's one of my favorite states. i went to UNCG for a year and a half, but mostly love the mountains of the western part of the state (closest to me!)

WandaWoman said...

Oh, I'm sure it's a bit tough for you with one less kid, but you'll be alright.

The Clapotis looks beautiful and I love the outfit one of your cousins is wearing, the crocheted outfit or dress. It's beautiful too.

hakucho said...

Email and instant messenger are the two things that really helped when my son went to school. I don't know about your son, but mine is not a phone user. He's a senior this year and has lived away all summer. I do miss him, but I am now more used to him not being here. He still asks for help though...we went last Wed. to move him to his new apartment for the school year. That was fun :)
Your clapotis looks great...I need to make one of those one of these days. Too much to knit, too little time!!!

happy knitting :)

Diane said...

And somehow even with fewer children around on a day to day basis you never seem to have any additional free time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 1 down, 2 to go. I wonder what that's like?

The ponchos look nice...not too heavy, but perfect light accessories. Can't wait to see your finished Clappy.

sappmama said...

Ohhh. Happy trails, young man. He'll be great.

Love all the knitting that's going down around here. The clapotis yarn is gorgeous. You could purl the drop rows instead of using stitch markers (if you have more to do it's not too late). That makes them very easy to see and they drop just the same. I used nary a marker and it went pretty quickly (and it sho was fun).

Patricia said...

Oh, very nice. I haven't tried that one yet! You could make a trip to Ashville for SAFF.

AR said...

Oooh, that'll be me next year. I'm scared. Congrats to your scholarly boy.

Pretty clappy! I want to knit another!

Lynn said...

I cant even imagine sending my kids off to college. It's one thing to get them back into school (for which I'm THANKFUL for!) but I see them again 7 hours later. I cant imagine what you've been thru. But good for him for starting out his college life. You did a great job.

And nice projects you have finished! You've been busy!!

sturdygirl said...

oh, going off to college! i remember it being completely exhilarating and also terrifying. he is going to do great!

on another note - you MUST tell me what yarn your clapotis is made out of! it is beautiful.

Mary Anne said...

Your clappy is gorgeous and I love the colourway, and the ponchos you are knitting. I'm glad you have knitting to soothe you while you adjust to the new family dynamics.

Beatriz said...

I love the colors of your clapotis...really beautiful.