Friday, August 24, 2007

The North Carolina College ride

I just got a call from my son. His books cost over $400 dollars and he needs more money. I put $500 in his book account and thought, "nah, he won't need more money, I mean how much could 1 poli sci, english and spanish book cost?"

Then I remembered this display at the book store

First of all, if somebody put Serena Williams on my science text book, I'd be a scientist today! No dead president or some 15th century wighead ever got me excited about spending $252 for a book!

Walking around campus really brought back how wonderful college was. Even though I didn't have the conventional experience, I worked during the day and attended classes at night and starved pretty much every day in between, I still think fondly on those years...

And speaking of food, check out these prices from an eatery in Greensboro -

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that they served up some of the best burgers I've ever had for only 3 bucks too!

A stone's throw from Chapel Hill, I was able to check out some great stuff in a town called Carrboro. There was a farmer's market

where I met and chatted with an amazing herbalist. He wouldn't let me take his picture

It was hard to resist buying some of these. I mean New Jersey does produce watermelons in the summer but I was truly curious about how these tasted.

I even got to check out a nice craft store that featured works from local artists.

I think I stood in front of this display for 15 minutes trying to decide which mug to bring home.

This is Sara. She owns this lovely and very friendly store, N.C. Crafts Gallery . It is certainly worth the visit if you are ever near Chapel Hill.

Carrboro has a nice yarn store. I resisted buying too much stuff because as it turns out I had already hit their sister store in Greensboro. I did have a chance to hang out and knit with this nice lady -

Alisa is a new grad student in library sciences. What luck I had meeting a book lady working in a yarn store. I'm afraid I did talk her ear off about life on my town's library board.

Back in Greensboro, the 105 degree temperatures didn't stop me from checking out their downtown

And my new college student finding a dog pal in the local yarn store, Yarns Etc.

Nope I don't spin but this store has some of everything

Except they didn't have catfish.

Or a brass band


WandaWoman said...

college books are crazy expensive. where does your son go to college? My bf has family in Greensboro and one of his nieces, a nephew and a sister have all gone to NCA&T in Greensboro.

Anonymous said...

Those book prices just scared me. Maybe I can convince my kids to go to trade school. Just kidding!!! At least you got to see the local culture (and LYS!).

DebVA said...

It's been 6 years since I took the college ride with DD#1. I fell in love with the college town too (Hampton) and became a near-native for the 4 years she was there. Thanks for sharing - it brought back such memories.

Alisa Ryan said...

Wow it looks like you had a fun trip! Cool seeing my picture on your blog too! Oh yeah, when I was an undergrad we had a textbook rental system (so nice!) but this year I did have to buy textbooks for the first time. I used Amazon and and their prices were LOADS better than the campus and local student bookstores.

Patricia said...

What if he comes home saying "y'all". I'll be facing similar circumstances in a couple of years. Lord help me!

Diane said...

We're heading off to the book store next week. College books times 3 kids. And people wonder why I drive a 14 yr old car?

hakucho said...

With your pictures I sure felt like I went along for the ride too ;)

The cost of books just keeps going up and up. Just be glad you are not buying engineering books. Last September his books were about $800. He hasn't bought this year's yet.

Kelly said...

Ah, college! I graduated only 3 months ago and already I miss it! And though the cost of books is highway robbery, on the bright side whenever you visit your son, you can always get your yarn fix.

Brown Berry said...

What a great photo log of your trip! I had such a wonderful time meeting you! We MUST do that again very soon. Having met you, I know that that young college man is going to be just fine! :)

AR said...

Yikes! Pricey books! Looks like a great experience, though, and someday it'll be so worth it all!! :)

Janice said...

I think it's crime how much college books cost!! 4 or 5 hundred dollars is pretty much the norm. (Although it does seem science and math books add up faster than most!) Hope you are doing well with your adjustment to just 2 kids at home. The first one is tough! Yarn Therapy helps.. which I see you've already discovered!! ;-)

Rebecca said...

i think the most expensive book was right around $100 for one of my hardback art history books. i went with my sister to the bookstore a few weeks ago to check out which books she needed to buy and discovered that her spanish book is in the $200s! yikes! when did textbooks get so high? hope your son gets his squared away soon.

knitseashore said...

Good luck to your son at college! Amazing that books cost so much for college students who can't work too many hours!!

It looks like you had a great trip and he will be home soon for break before you know it. In the meantime, you will be doing lots and lots of knitting!!

Crystal said...

It looks like you had a great time! At least that expensive book had someone on the cover that the kids knew!

Beatriz said...

This looks like a lot of fun. Not crazy about the $$ that it takes to go to college nowadays, but your yarns store finds made the college ride even more memorable.