Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meeting fellow bloggers is so cool

I've enjoyed lots of knitting these past two weeks. I've just about finished up my second pair of Jaywalker socks.

I'm going to use The Crafty Weasel's toe trick to seam it up. I suck at kitchener.

And just like many sock knitting geeks, I immediately cast on for another. I'm in no way a sock geeker but I have to do this while the pattern is still fresh in my mind. This time I'll try to stick with it to finish it off before I forget what the hell I'm doing... again.

I'm determined to keep with this sock knitting exercise. So far I find knitting on 5 zero sized needles to be terribly frustrating. Why bother you ask? Well, last week I got to meet fellow blogger, Marce, over on the The Brown Berry Chronicles. We met for the first time and she noticed my socks!

Marce inspired me to knit my first Clapotis. Here she is showing off hers. Don't you just love the colors!

I was so glad she brought it. It is so cool to see things in real life.

Here's a shot of my finished shawl. The mystery yarn has yet to be identified. I may have to wait until Rhinebeck this year to find the vendor.

There is a little secret to my Clappy though.

Can you see it?

I ran out of yarn and had to use some random stuff from my stash to finish it off. There has to be over 50 rows of this random stuff. First I tried to simulate the stripping of the original yarn and quickly got tired of that and knit the rest in a solid color gold. Yeah, I know kinda tacky but it's done.


KimT said...

your shawl looks great. The socks rock!

The Crafty Weasel said...

What gorgeous pieces you've been knitting! :-)

Oh let me know how your toe finishing goes - I also sucked at the Kirchener thing!

WandaWoman said...

I love how your Clapotis turned out. Don't feel bad about running out of yarn. My Clapotis sucked all the life out of me and required extra yarn. I finished a Seraphim shawl and right as I was binding off, the last 30 stitches or so, I ran out of yarn. It was variegated and I had some blue that matched part of the variegated color and added it on the end.

Kitchenering is not that bad, really. But the 3needle bindoff works too.

Vera H. said...

Your Clapotis and Jaywalkers look great.

Isn't it fabulous meeting a another blogger?

Virtuous said...

Isn't it wonderful to meet up with other blog knitters!! FUN!!

Love the socks too!

Mary Anne said...

Your socks are so cool and thank you for posting the link to the 3 needle bind off. I really love the colours of your Clappy.

hakucho said...

Thanks for the link of the great toe finishing tip...I will definitely give that one a try! A little too late for me...but on my next pair that needs a graft. I LOVE 3 needle bind offs!!

Your socks and clap are beautiful. You were lucky to have a perfect coordinating yarn to finish it...looks to me like you had planned it ;)

Janice said...

The shawl and socks look great!! And dpns and I don't get along that well.. and that's why I have switched to 2 circulars. Doesn't work for everyone, but i LOVE it! And what fun to meet a fellow blogger!!! You do start to feel like we're one big circle of friends :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that little corner of your Clapotis! And your Jaywalkers are so cool. How neat that you got to meet Marce--the pic of you two is great!

Brown Berry said...

Hee hee!! I'm glad to know that you are casting on for more great pairs of these Jaywalkers - now it's my turn to be inspired by you - I want some! :)

WineGrrl said...

The Clapotis is gorgeous. You just made it unique with that cute ending!