Thursday, September 04, 2008

Car pooled democracy

Well folks, you heard it. America is now supposed to go from a guy that guys want to have a beer with to a woman we can call up to car pool. No thanks. I prefer my country and my corporations to be run by smart people. Dumb people create Savings and Loans fiascos and FEMA diasters. If you are not sure if a bar boy or a hockey mom can fix this mess, start by checking out America's balance sheet after 8 years of the bar boy's reign...

Hard to find words after such a spectacle last night, but silly speeches ain't gonna get this country out of the mess created by the bar boy and his incompetent, greedy cronies.

Anyhoo, here are more pictures from the DNC convention.

If any of you are CSPAN addicts like me, you are familiar with Code Pink. A group of women who have decided to respond to our nation's wacky priorities by using wacky tactics to protest.

Now, I've seen many protests in my day but I must admit that this Code Pink lady used one of the best tactics I've ever witnessed. She got off of her bike when she saw these two policemen. She told them that they were so cute and strong, that she'd hate to know that they would be shot up in Iraq or ravished by sand fleas just so Halliburton could make another billion dollars. Not only did she get a 'rise' out of them, she got them to smile!

Did I tell you that there is a Starbucks on nearly every corner of downtown Denver? So much better than a bar on every corner like so many neighborhoods in Jersey. Here, right next to a Starbucks, was one of the DNC's credentials pickup offices. My first day in Denver, I stood on this line for well over an hour but it was cool because I got to drink coffee, have a great conversation with two women from Ms. Magazine and I got to knit!

One of the places I had the privilege to watch the Convention from included a popular actor who was getting a bit chilly in her lovely satin dress. I gave her my shawl that I had in my knitting bag.

my son snapped this picture of me wearing the same shawl at an outdoor festival in Denver on our last day there. Now my son thinks my shawl has been touched by hotness. I thought about giving the shawl to my son's hearthrob but it was made from Karabella's silky something or other and done in one of my favorite lace patterns - the candle flame shawl, I couldn't part with it. Can anyone guess who the actor is?

Well Kumar brought his own shawl, 'er vest. Actually he was volunteering and working quite hard too. He was trying to be inconspicuous but my son recognized him straight away!

One of the best dynamic speeches given during the entire convention was Congressman Dennis Kucinich's speech. He reminded us all that people can make change if we would just stand up!

Now, after watching the RNCs totally boring convention these past few days, I thought this picture my son took from the floor of the DNC best illustrates the difference in each party. Can you figure it out?

'nuff said


Ina said...

Keep those photos coming! I heart Code Pink (and I want a pink bike). As for differences between conventions, lemmesee.... DNC had a high energy level, a united party, many positive, issues-driven speeches that resonate inside and outside the hall, and people who reallyreallyreally wanted to be there. RNC has a low energy level, a divided party, negative, self-contradictory, personality-driven messages that don't always get applause even from insiders, and some people are noticeably absent. Not to mention what can be observed from the contrasting photos.

Nik said...

i agree with you that the RNC is boring.

i can't figure out who the actress is in that picture.

Rebecca said...

yeah, who was the actress? STILL looks like you had a great time there. i'm so enjoying your anecdotes!

Harlem Purl said...

I wouldn't have given up my shawl either....well maybe for Lela Rochon.

Looks like you had a wonderful time there.

Ava said...

Dems DEFINITELY have better parties.

Virtuous said...

Haha! Ooo Yeah!! @ DNC vs. RNC pic...diversity!!

I tried to guess who the hotness gurl is..haha! Even enlarged the pic but couldn't figure it tell!!

I was initially surprised you didn't give her your shawl.....but when you explained why I could completely understand..I would have tucked it right back in my bag too! LOL Espeically if it was Noro or Malabrigo! ;op Haha!

OOoh tell us more about DNC!!
You going to DC to see him take his oath?!? I am!!!

carlita dee said...

These posts rock.

Who's the actress? She must be pretty young if one of your boys thinks she's hot. And if she didn't have sense enough to bring a wrap or a sweater to an air conditioned hall. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I don't want some crazy ultra-conservative as VP, either...haven't we had enough of that? And most women aren't naive enough to accept SP just because she's a woman...sheesh. I'm all for the RIGHT woman, not ANY woman.