Sunday, September 07, 2008

DNC Diary - Day 3

No trip, no experience would be complete for me without finding the local yarn shop. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, Wanda suggested we meet here. I wanted to show you a few more pictures of my afternoon here.

The selection was amazing and there were tables and knitting nooks tucked here and there where groups of knitters gathered. I met two nice ladies who never heard of Ravelry!

It was Day 3 of the Convention and I was playing hookie sort of. I snuck out desperately trying to avoid any high drama on the floor of the Convention that perhaps these two might have had something to do with -

But, as it turned out (and as my son txted me with details of) it was during the delegate role call that Hillary stepped up and nominated Sen. Obama by acclamation.

I didn't anticipate such swift dispatch of the much talked about drama! So, all went swimmingly, as I was told. And Pelosi's gavel came to be known as the fastest gavel in the west! Oh, and speaking of Nancy Pelosi, it is her daughter, Alexandra whom I consider my hero. She did this amazing documentary on Bush before he became president, called Journeys with George. If you haven't seen it, you must buy it! If more Americans had seen this before the first election, well, I guess that's water under the bridge...

As all of that was going on, I was sitting with Ms. Wanda watching her deliberate over which skein of sock yarn she should gift herself for her birthday!

Certainly her indecision was more fun to watch!

Back at the Convention, I was told that the air was heavy with anticipation and that I better get my behind back to business. It was Biden's night and after that nomination vote was over, everyone seemed to be relaxed and ready for the evening's speeches. Wanda tried to drive me back to the Convention but of course, security was tighter than a you know what. My credentials got us past the first set of road blocks but I had to say my goodbyes soon after and walk the rest of the way to the Pepsi Center. Security only allowed secured cars and drivers beyond certain points.

I passed the Colorado Convention Center (this is where most of the conferencing took place) to see if I could find a DNC driver who felt sorry for me and my blistered feet and give me ride over to the Pepsi Center. As I walked through, I saw this nice photo op taking place and there in the middle of the crowd was Congressman Bobby Scott with whom I had a brief conversation with the day before, and, to my surprise, he remembered me and flashed a smile!

That's the Congressman on duty chairing a judiciary subcommittee hearing on some hanky panky the bushies were up to...

I would tell you, or rather show you, the excitement that went on after Biden spoke

but when Obama came out onto the podium, the place went wild! I did too and totally forgot to use my camera except for this one quick shot...

My son, Marcus was also having the time of his life. He was sitting backstage cooling his heels when Sen. Obama came through just before he joined Sen. Biden onstage. He told me that Sen. Obama called to the Pages, "hey 'yall!" and gleefully" shook all their hands before he went onstage!

Well, I never had a chance to touch the hem of Obama's garment but I did have this lovely sister touch my garment...

The mystery actor revealed!
Tatiana Ali (Ashley from Fresh Prince) on Hillary's night at the DNC wearing my shawl!


kim said...

I just saw the Lamb Shop and got all excited. Then I realized that there weren't really lambs in there (nor tasty, tasty lamb products) and now I think I should have kabobs for dinner.

cici said...

Awesome.. I have thouroughly enjoying reading your adventures and knitting too, sounds like a dream trip. I thought that the girl was Ashley from Fresh Prince, but I didnt know her real name.Thanks for all your great photos. We are entering into even more exciting times now:D

Rebecca said...

with a name like Lamb Shoppe.....i'd be there in a second, too. and hooray for the mystery shawl wearer reveal!

Virtuous said...

Another fab DNC post!
Wow you are such a great story/truth teller!! :oD
I felt like I was righ there along for the journey too!!

Thanks for taking the time to do this!! As I know it can be blog-labor intensive! ;o)