Monday, September 01, 2008

DNC Diary - Day 1

My original intent for this trip was to be a passive observer, you know, to watch the ceremonial democracy thing in action. As a life long cynic, I thought I could lose myself into my knitting.

My two oldest boys were Pages

and I planned to "hang out" at the convention and not really feel anything other than my sweet skein of Black Bunny Unity yarn as I knitted up my election and inauguration day scarf. Wrong. As soon as we arrived in Denver, Convention fever was warming up. The entire city, it seemed had been transformed into Obamaville.

And, as a true stroke of luck, my hotel was Obama central with the entire Chicago delegation staying there.

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

As much as I resisted, I got lured in. Hope and change flooded the city and was a constant reminder everywhere you went. It was OK to feel good about America again. It was OK to not feel embarrassed every time somebody from the white house spoke. It was OK to believe that civility could be brought to our country and perhaps, perhaps, we won't pick on the poor anymore, and religion is something you practice and not beat people over the head with and fear is not preferred over reason. Is it wrong to want these values even though our economy is based on selling anything that isn't tied down?

Ugh, I think I bought one of each

It was only the first day and already I was smiling at the possibilities!


carlita dee said...

The Obama slippers take the cake!

Your updates inspired me to make sure to watch the speeches. I got fired up by the sense of hope and excitement you described. So glad you went. And how wonderful for your boys to have been pages.

cici said...

You did well gurl. Thanks for allowing us to look over your shoulder. The excitement comes through radiantly. I think a lot of America caught the vibe. It was a beauty to see and feel. How exciting to have your boys involved as well.:D

Rebecca said...

wow, look at all the obama stuff. i agree with carlita dee those obama thongs are the best! so glad you had an energizing trip to denver!

Ina said...

Thanks for the DNC Diary! I am so glad you and your two oldest got to be a part of the convention. (They look so sharp and handsome in their page jackets!) It looks like candidate Obama is already stimulating the economy... although I dunno about the ::cough:: flip-flops. Looking forward to the next installment of your diary!

Beate said...

I am curious! exactly how many t-shirts did you buy? and it was soooo nice to hear your laughter again.- thanks..

Patricia said...

Those flip flops are the bomb! Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I love how you got your sons involved! What great memories you'll all have for years to come. Great pics!

hope said...

Welcome back! We lived vicariously through you. I hope you bought a pair of those flip flops.

Virtuous said...

Great pics and the flip flops are insane!! :oD

Love Day 1 - see you got sucked into the Obama could you not!! I would have! Haha!

Can't wait to see the other DNC Diary Days!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

The obama sandals are so cute:)Hugs Darcy