Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday flicks

You all know I was half joking with my previous post, right? Just to prove that I'm not a holiday grinch, here are some Christmas day pictures.

All in all, we had a bunch of fun.

And other distractions...

I whipped up my holiday eggnog. The only 2nd best thing to do with a dozen eggs and and jug of cream.

That's my 20+ year old Cuisinart. I bought it for myself as a wedding present. While everything else from that early period of my life has broken down or gone missing, that sucka still works!

I use the spirits only to kill off any traces of salmonella... Honestly!

Got some knitting done too

I made a bunch of these wrist thingys for little girls who lose gloves. I told them that they could add a bit of bling to their outfits just by pulling on a couple of these (another fine way to use up the muppet fur!)

As many of my fellow knit bloggers have resolved, I too am knitting from my stash. I have some Noro odds and ends I made these with -

This shot is sort of an inside joke...


Mary Anne said...

I didn't think you were a holiday grinch :) It looks like a fun time was had by all. Good ideas on using up your stash too.
ps: the eggnog looks yummy.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Christmas looked like fun! And it's always great to use the stash (I GUESS that's why it's there, LOL).

AR said...

What a great looking family! Happy New Year to you all!

Jennifer Coomer said...

Look at how cute your family is!