Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday WIPs (Works in Progress)

Well, with all of my holiday knitting, I didn't get to complete my holiday shawl. I thought I'd wear this to see Alvin Ailey but it won't get done in time, maybe for one of the after holiday parties I've been invited to. I bought the wool at Rhinebeck back in October.

Basketball season has started for 2 of my boys. That's nearly 8 hours of basketball per week! The opening game was Tuesday night and I finished off one project and started on another. Can you imagine the amount of guiltless knitting I'll get to do twice a week on that schedule!

Tomorrow, Friday, the 15 year old is going to a girl's sweet 16 party, she plays basketball too. Me and my clever self thought that school colors fingerless mitts would make a cute gift. Whatcha think?

Yup, that's muppet fur on the bottem (formerly known as novelty yarn, come on, admit it, y'all still have loads of this stuff too). I now call it muppet fur because of Felicia's funny button!


tiennie said...

Very nice WIPs! Sometimes I can't wait for my kids to get to high school so that I can watch high school sports. I love the pure enthusiasm that kids have rooting for their teams! Happy Holidays!

Beatriz said...

The Fetching/fingerless mitts are a great gift idea...and great way to show school spirit! This makes 10 that you've made now? A lot of them anyway.

Mary Anne said...

Those are beautiful gloves with the muppet fur trim :)

The holiday shawl is really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Those fingerless gloves look great!! (we will forgive the muppet trim).

I must say though, I feel terrible. I had that button on my blog, had asked permission from the blog I got it and it was not Felicia's!! I have fixed my error and now I have it linked to her site. *hangs head in shame* Thanks for bringing that to my attention (I know that's not what you meant, but I'm glad to be able to give proper credit)

Anonymous said...

Great WIPs as usual, especially the one with muppet fur. And yes, I'll admit I have some myself, hidden away deep in a box.

Great basketball pics!!

AR said...

The school color mitts are a great idea.

The Crafty Weasel said...

That's one clever gift!!!