Monday, December 18, 2006

What's Monday morning like for you???

Mine started at 5:45 am. Hubby was preparing to leave for work and I reminded him that he had to pay his driver's license restoration fee. What's that? Well if you live in the New York City metropolitan area, you are used to taxes - double digit real estate taxes, income taxes (yes plural), sales tax (7%), school fees (activities tax), and my favorite the indubitable driving privileges tax. What's that? Well they are overtime meter tickets, seat belt tickets, and irritated trooper tickets (see Back to Reality). Anyways, my hubby got an overtime meter ticket ($8) and somehow it fell into the ticket black hole and his license was suspended. This strange quirk in the New Jersey motor vehicle laws has provided me the privilege of adding him to my already overburdened chauffeur duties.

I found out last week that if I just paid the $100 bucks online his license would be restored and he'll be able to drive again. So, this morning at 5:45, I'm on the computer and plugging in the already over burdened credit card.

At 6 am starts the really hard stuff - waking up the children on Monday morning for school. Let me tell you, this is not for the squeamish. There's the drama around who gets to use the bathroom first (there are 2 other bathrooms located on the first floor but I guess that's too far to walk early in the morning...)

Then there's the - did you wash my uniform questions and did you remember to fill out this form and that form and can you write a check for this activity and of course lunch money.

Finally, everyone is dressed and now starts the eating drama. I make scrambled cheese eggs, ham and biscuits. Not a big deal - the biscuits are easy with just a couple of cups of flour, butter, baking powder, salt and milk. They are brown in under 15 minutes in a 450 oven.

The drama -

"Did you put ham on my eggs." Says the 17 year old, 4 year veteran vegetarian.

"Why would I put ham on your eggs?" Says the 47 year old, too tired for this crap at 6:45 in the morning Mom.

"Well I have to ask, you always put ham on Andrew's sandwich." Says same teenager.

"I am fully aware that you are a vegetarian, and I always, never, put meat on your sandwiches - 4 years now." Says I.

"I have to ask, because maybe you'll forget one day." Says the same extremist vegetarian.

"Trust me, before I forget to put ham on your eggs, I'll first forget to wake up at 5:45 to get YOU up for school and make YOU a hot breakfast before you go to school." Says I, growing more tired.

"Why is everyone so irritated? It's Christmas, why does everyone have a bad attitude?"

I'm thinking that I should write Chomsky and ask him if he'll ever do a book entitled, Manufacturing Teenager Dissent.

On the Knitting Front

My holiday knitting is coming along. I've made 5 sets of Fetching mittens, here's the last two that I finished this weekend.

The thing about these that are special is that I knitted them with some yarn from my stash that has got to be at least 10 years old! Yes I have vintage stash stuff, sad right? It is a Tahki yarn named Sable, an angora and merino blend. They are heavenly soft. On one pair I did a Noro trim just for variety.

The other item I finished was a Manos scarf done in mistake rib stitch. Oh and that's my brand new mug from my Knitter's Coffee Swap buddy, LaVerna.

The final thing I want to show you is this beret I have to finish for the hubby. He picked out this kit himself so I guess that means he'll wear it.


Heidi said...

Okay, you made your kids a home cooked breakfast???? I salute you, I'm so impressed!!!!!

Love the knitting stuff, and you look like you have a light box to take those photos. They look great with the white background. I guess i mention it because I'm planning on making myself a lightbox for photographing my stuff.

Ah Christmas, it sure can be a bitter/sweet time. Sometimes I catch myself looking forward to when it's all over!

Deborah said...

Heidi, I don't have a light box, that's my ugly white formaica kitchen counter!

AR said...

You are the #1 mom! My kids get hot breakfast at school, or on the weekends. (Shame on me!)

Love your knitting projects. I might have to add a pair or two of those Fetching Mitts to my list. The beads on the scarf are great, too!

I should have weird meme tagged you. Darn. I couldn't guess who'd want to do it, or who'd already done it.

At least all the Christmas drama will be over soon. :)

LaVerna said...

That scarf looks great with your cup!
My kids all have a bad attitude as well.I thanked them all last night for each being pissy to me BEFORE I wrapped their gifts therefore making it much easier to return before Christmas.They were all much nicer this morning.I love the smell of empty threats on the morning...

Anonymous said...

Nice fetching & scarf! Love that mug, too!

indigo warrior said...

I just read something that said that smart kids become vegetarians.

Not liking what's on the table at my house = prep your own food. Even for me, the lone veg in a household of meaters. He's lucky to have a mom that supports him enough to make sure he has a nice vegetarian breakfast in the morning. No cross-contamination even! (c:

Does your state put traffic offenders in the slammer for not paying thier parking tickets?

blessings and peace, Pam

Diane said...

Man, I remember those Monday mornings with trying to get the kids out the door. Every morning is like the first time they've ever done this no matter how old they are.

I'd love to tell you it gets better but my youngest two are currently commuting to college and it's still a battle to get them out on time to make the minimum 20 minute drive.

Anonymous said...

The Fetchings are gorgeous. I wear mine all the time, and they're already raggedy. Need to make a new pair . . .

I keep meaning to respond to your comment about pot roast (how old-school is this?). I've made dry stuff too; I think it's a matter of getting the right cut of meat. The best, I've found, is a chuck arm roast at least an inch and a half thick, with lots of marbling. Although yesterday we put some leftover fairly lean brisket, sliced, in the slow cooker with some tomatoes and onions and such and it was great. Cooked it till it wasn't even in slices anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wow. All that would be reason #24, 25, and 26 to HOME EDUCATE!!! :o) *LOL* You're doing a great job ... I'm impressed that you make your own biscuits! Good Girl! I try to convince people they are easy - nobody listens.

Counting the days ... til January 16. :o) KMKS Pal!

P.S. Merry Christmas Week!

Deborah said...

If I had home schooled, you wouldn't be reading about my morning adventures on a blog, you'd be reading about it in the supermarket tabloids... "Woman force feeds her kids some days, starves them on others!"

See you in the mail!

Looming Looney said...

Hey Deborah, I live in the great state of Maryland and work in Washington, DC for a expired meter where I work you could end up with a $25 - $100 ticket. And if not paid within 30 days it doubles. I got the $100 whopper back in July, and yes i forgot about it and it grow to be $200. I can understand the Monday morning kids drama as I have a 5 yr old and a 10 yr old. However in my house it's the Monday thru Friday school day drama. On the weekends when I don't have to work and get to sleep in the little monsters are so well rested from the other 5 days of the week that they are up and bouncing at 6:00 in the morning. LETS NOT MENTION BREAKFAST.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Sorry - but that was one funny Monday Morning Tale!! :-)))

Mary Anne said...

first of all, 5:45am? I remember that ghastly time from when I was working. and you cook your family a full breakfast. I am in awe of you!

The Fetching gloves are beautiful. I especially like the one with trim on the edges.

Your Manos scarf is gorgeous. Did you add shells as trim to the bottom? what a unique idea.

Rachel said...

So cool about the "vintage" fetching gloves! I love the ones with the contrasting color trim.

Janice said...

Ahhh, Monday mornings..... They just keep on coming!! Your kids are very LUCKY to have a hot breakfast before school! SOMEDAY they WILL appreciate you!! May be awhile.. but it will come!
I love all the fetching gloves you've made... I haven't tried that pattern yet, but it's on my to-do list!

Happy Knitting!

datknittschick said...

Hi Mama,
Thank you for stopping by the site ...
I see you are you are being quite industrious with your knitting . I love that .
I can def. feel what your son is saying though. Not that you mom, would ever forget about his eating,
but often times we vegetarians are worried about what has been in or on our food. It that serious..
You should see my vegetarian sons and they are all under 12 !!
They are very concerned, ( especially when we eat out ) about what has been next to their meals.. kids..
I am gettign very inspired as ai look over your blog , keep it going sistah !

Patricia said...

Oh God, mine is only 15 and sports that attitude. Where's mothers' little helper.
Fetching fetchings!

Stephanie said...

I have been looking for a good beret pattern --- I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Also, consider yourself "tagged" for the “6 weird things about me” game.

If you want to play…check out my blog for details. If not, no biggie — just thought it was fun!

Have a great Christmas!

sherry said...

Hot breakfast?? I'm in awe.

The mitts and scarf are gorgeous.

We missed renewing my husband's license on his birthday a couple of weeks ago, and it made airport security a real adventure. Sigh.

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