Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The last of the leftovers

On Monday I managed to scrape together just enough leftovers to make a meal. I nearly had a mutiny on my hands, they wanted something different, the nerve. They got yams, collards, a little bit of mac and cheese and potato salad - the meats were gone on Sunday. It tasted great to me - what's their problem, I even served it up on the good china!

Yesterday, on Tuesday I spent the day at the orthopedist with the former crip tonight son. He finally got that ball and chain removed and is now scheduled for 2 weeks of physical therapy.

This is how he looked moments before the verdict. He was really worried.

Tis the Season...
There are a million and one craft fairs going on all over and I want to go to everyone of them. What's even cooler is when you know some of the crafters! I bought this pretty vase from my friend Bina, it's just perfect for my needles.

And, I'm still crafting myself, that is doing something a little different than my usual knitted garmet stuff. This is my second cupcake. I hope to get a few of these finished to give as gifts this Christmas.

And then there's dance

Alvin Ailey's holiday season has started, I love, love, love it! This is a poster from a previous season. The 2006 season is at New York City Center, November 29 - December 31, 2006. Run and dance on over!


Tammy said...

I love your cupcake! And Im so happy your son is on the mend!

AR said...

Poor guy. He looks worried. I can't wait to be there, close to the end of it, instead of here, at the beginning!

Your cupcake is so cute, and that poster. Mmmmhmmm.

Lynn said...

I'm glad that your son is healing nicely. Boy he DOES look worried! Does he realize you posted that picture on your blog?!? LOL

And that coconut cupcake looks YUMMY!!!