Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let them eat...


I started my first sock!

I ordered takeout for the gang because none of them responded to my Mother's Day idea. Besides, I wanted Wednesday to be an adventure day for me since I crapped out on Nano Write, I thought I would try something else extremely different. True knitting isn't exactly something new for me but socks are. I've done booties before but I don't remember ever doing an adult sock. Why did I wait so long? First, I've seen all of you crazy sock knitters out there who buy zillion dollar sock yarn in dozen lots and stand on line for hours at sheep festivals in order to buy some (read Iris). Second, I know my will power limitations and just like with spinning and dyeing, I didn't want to succumb!

Beatriz over on Gauche Knits has been featuring her sock exploits and has been tempting me with some easy pattern ideas. Then Lynn, over on Never A Dull Moment shows off hers. Still, I was a bit unsure about the technique so I found this great online tutorial called Silver's Sock Class. Look how far I got -

Yes, that is a heel flap, and I have you know, that I did the turned heel! The only problem is I don't like this yarn... Aw geez, I'm sounding like you sockers already! Got any sock yarn ideas?


Anonymous said...

I've never knit with it, but I have some in the stash; it's really soft & I hear lots of good things about it--that's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.

I AM currently knitting with Regia Silk (wool/silk blend) & it is LOVELY.

Good going on the sock!!

Also, I still haven't gotten around to your music tag, but will do that next week (finally!).

LaVerna said...

My favorite sock yarn is sweetgeorgias sock demon yarn and socks that rock.But if you want something more budget minded-cascade fixation is pretty cool(and stretchy!)and lorna's laces is nice.good job on the sock so far and congrats on joining us crazy sock knitters!

Tammy said...

Yea for you!! Looks awesome so far. I learned with Silvers too. I second the Cascade fixation also. Its inexpensive and stretchy, and I wear mine all the time! Good luck and have fun discovering the wonderful world of sock yarn!

Stephanie said...

Your first sock is lookin' great --- congratulations!

I got hooked on socks a couple months back. The only tip I have for you is to start the second sock right away --- second sock syndrome can be tough.

I'm sure you've heard, Socks that Rock yarn is excellent! I also like Cherry Tree Hill. It's nice superwash merino and the colorways are amazing!

Can't wait to see the finished pair!!

Necia said...

It's funny you say you don't like that sock yarn. I was just gonna ask you WHAT YARN IS THAT WOMAN????? It's gorgeous! Socks are easy! Spinning is easy! Succumb to the pressure, you know you wanna!


Dave said...

Finish the pair, give them to someone who likes them, and then go get some yarn you like. Actually, get several skeins you like, because now that you've started, you won't be able to stop! ;-)

Mary Anne said...

Congratulations on your first sock! It's gorgeous.

Janice said...

Congratulations on your first sock!! I think it looks gorgeous!! You are starting to sound like other sock knitters I know....and that's a good thing!! I am trying to be a sock knitter...just can't get the rhythm with the dpn. Going to try the 2 circular method. Keep on knitting!!

Beatriz said...'re knitting socks! You go, girl! Favorite sock yarns? Lorna's Laces, Regia Bamboo, and Socks that Rock. Worth the extra $$.

hakucho said...

I'm envious of you starting your first sock...I'm an experienced knitter, but I'm waiting to make my first socks after all the Christmas knitting is done :)
I've heard it's very dishcloths....oh no!

Lynn said...

OOHHH I LOVE your sock!! You are doing a great job! See now that you can turn a heel and realize its not as bad as it seems, you are HOOKED! There are SO many sock yarns out there, I love Cascade Fixation, but I have a friend who HATES it. Regia is good, Lorna's Laces is nice, I have some Knit PIcks in my stash that I havent used yet but I hear great things abt as well.
Congratulations!! You are now a sock knitter!