Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A short post before a hectic day

I think I got 3 hours sleep last night. This change of life thing is getting old now. I do weird things in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, exhibit A

I think I made a thousand dozen of these for my garden club meeting today that I can't attend because I'll be taking my youngest son to the orthopedist to hopefully get him out of that cast. Do you know that there are no orthopedists in Bergen County, New Jersey in my medical plan?? No you wouldn't know that and one day, when I'm more rested and less irritated about the state of health care in this country, I'll expand on that.

I'm also doing those fetching fingerless mittens featured on Kitty. I used the left over yarn from my Briar Rose poncho so I had to do some modifications starting with using size 2 needles. I also had to add some Brown Sheep Handpaint yarn that I had in my stash just in case I didn't have enough of the main colorway from the poncho.

One down, one to go.

My pal, Phyllis, helped me to sew up the poncho using a mattress stitch. I didn't know how to do that before (i'm pretty clueless with anything to do with sewing). I had used a crochet hook which caused this thick keloid looking seam to run down the side of my beautiful poncho. Karen, who works at my LYS, knew exactly what I had done, I know she was thinking, "why don't these ladies make the time to take a finishing class?"

I'm indebted, again, to Phyllis - that girl got skillz!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb! Lovely MITS! Did you get my email? I'm hunting for your questionaire! :o)

from your KMKS Secret Pal .....

LaVerna said...

Hi Deb-
love the mitts and the poncho.
I too am searching for your questionarre answers.Gotta get shopping for you hun!
Your coffee swap bud-

La Verna

Anonymous said...

The cookies look yummy. As do the Fetching & poncho! Love the colors.

Beatriz said...

I've seen so many beautiful Fetching mittens on the blogosphere. Yours look great in Briar Rose.

The Crafty Weasel said...

That is one stunning poncho! The colours FANTASTIC - looks very classy on you!

Jeanine said...

What a great combo. CUTE!