Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Update

This picture is the culmination of my month long sojourn to Princeton each Tuesday to take my son to jazz choir rehearsal. The Choir had their final performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. While the concert was wonderful, it was a harrowing day for me. I had to pick him up from Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he was attending Model UN, take him to the concert hall in Newark for sound check, drive home to Ridgewood to pick up the crippled son, change, and speed back to Newark for the concert... Er, no, I didn't speed, I drove 55 mph all the way. (I still have to wait for my court date on those tickets, I'll keep you posted.)

Who says you can't knit in the dark?
I was able to get some knitting done while sitting around waiting for the show to start. I've completed 3 sets of Fetching mitts so far. I'm on a roll!

That Truffle bag
I was able to start on that Truffle bag I told you all about a ways back. This was the hardest part (not including the lining that my girl Phyllis promises to help me with), the rest is done in garter stitch.

Holiday Facecloths
I'm still churning out a facecloth every now and again. This one is from the November KAl over on the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloth KAL group.

The cripple one all scrubbed up
Jonathan attended a formal teenage party this weekend. I can't believe I got him out of his basketball gear!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness you have been BUSY with your knitting --- I'm so jealous!

I have a couple fetching projects for Christmas gifts to complete --- it's a fun quick knit.

MBmama said...

Good for you for not speeding...(those ba^#$rds).
Sorry for my outburst! Uh Hmmm - I'll gather myself...
I'm totally impressed with your son's talent - I can see where he gets his creative gene though - you are one creative, prolific knitter!

Patricia said...

A formal, how wonderful. I wish that we weren't quite so Florida casual here. My son could use a scrub!

Anonymous said...

Wow, have you been doing a lot of knitting--good for you!