Friday, November 24, 2006

Quiet before the storm

On Wednesday, before Thanksgiving day, I try to find some quiet time to get my head together for the cooking marathon. I have an average size stove, fine if you cook on occasion - I cook all the time. And, for special occasions I'm at it all day and night because only 1 thing can go into the stove at a time. Check this out:

Turkey: 4 hours
Ham: 3 hours
Mac and cheese: 45 minutes
Apple Pies: 1 hour
Pumpkin Pies: 45 minutes
Cake: 1 hour 30 minutes
Candied Yams: 30 minutes
Banana Pudding: 15 minutes
Yeast Rolls: 30 minutes
Corn bread: 45 minutes

Stove top with (4 burners going)
Collard greens: 2 hours
String beans: 45 minutes
Boiling yams: 1 hour
Boiling potatoes: 45 minutes
Boiling macaroni: 45 minutes
Custard for banana pudding: 45 minutes
Rice and peas: 1 hour
Plantains: 30 minutes
Sauted veggies: 30 minutes
Sauted sausage: 30 minutes
...and the list goes on and on

You don't have to be math whiz to figure out the time involved. There simply isn't enough time in the day to do all of the switcharoos with the oven. Next year, if I do nothing else, I'm getting a new stove. It is insane to live in a house with 4 men and have to cook for them with a jive susie bake oven!

Well, back to my meditation project. I decided to try out the cupcakes in the One Skein book. No cooking these beauties and they look so yummy.

Making the base was really easy. You can pick any yarn from your stash.

That's some fiber fill that you stuff inside the base before you assemble the top.

I found some sweet buttons that I sewed on (yes, I used a needle and thread!). Good enough to eat!


Lynette said...

oh, i love them soooo!!!!! they'd be great christmas ornaments.

Anonymous said...

They look DELICIOUS!!! :o)

IRT the stove. I have a 1953 GE.
I so feel your pain! My turkey barely FITS!!!


Mary Anne said...

ohmygosh, the cupcake is adorable! I hope all your 'real' food was cooked in time for your holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

LaVerna said...

how cute!I have that book and I have been wanting to try those.Maybe after the holiday knitting frenzy...
Sounds like you had an awesome meal though.Bet your guys devoured it.I know mine did!

hakucho said...

Your cupcake looks almost good enough to eat ;)
Happy knitting :)

Nikki said...

What a coincidence, I went to the library today and reserved the One Skein book, the cupcakes do look very edible. It always amazes me the amount of time that goes into good home cooking. I hope you all enjoyed your meal.

Lynn said...

OHH those cupcakes came out really nice!!! Very festive in the white and blue! Hope the cooking went as smoothly.....

Janice said...

Love the cupcake!
Laughed at your cooking itinerary!! How true is that. You missed the final items:
Time to consume: 25 minutes.
Dishes: 1.5 hours+
Yes, push for the new stove and, if possible, a double oven. I have one and can't imagine life without it. I'm trying to figure out how to get more counter space.......

Nickie said...

They are adorable, Deborah! I hear you about the oven and I don't have NEAR as many dishes to make! I sure hope things went smoothly for you on Thanksgiving...what an honor to sit at YOUR table!

...hey guys! Mom needs a BIG new stove/oven! I cannot think of one more deserving...

...much love to you and yours, dear friend

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are too cute--good thing you don't have to cook those, too, LOL!

Jeanine said...

How cute!

Hope your Thanksgiving turned out great.

primdollie said...

Oh these are adorable and yes beats baking them!! (I don't bake!!) but yes i do cook and luckily only me and hubby but yes I can hear you all about the stove thing!! ours is good and a self cleaner too!! and thank goodness can get a lot in there but with only 2 hands and all you poor dear I wish I was there though to eat all that great food you fixed everything I love!!!!!! greens,pumpkin pie,corn bread, peas and rice oh my!! and banana pudding and sweet potatoes and ham OH MY!!! yummy!! and quess now I shouldn't tell you I went to my brothers and only made green bean casserole!!! sorry! but I did help clean up all the mess!!! thanks for sharing and loved the "Mother's Day" video!!!! thanks!!
Hugs Linda
who is loving this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of food! What an amazing spread that must've been—your boys sure are lucky. Wow. Wow. (Sorry about the pie crusts, but really, did you need pie?) And the cupcake is so cute!

Beatriz said...

Your Thanksgiving menu sounds amazing...hope it was appreciated!