Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The magic of swaps

You all have heard me talk about my swap projects. It is very new to me. I started doing it to force myself to be more inventive and creative with my crafting. I am a very shy crafter and I rarely gift any of my creations.

Some people just don't like "homemade" stuff. When I started the blog, I discovered a world community who love homemade stuff! Some of the things I've seen on the various blogs are amazing and I've been recipient of some amazing things. What seems to be as important for many of the swappers is presentation and the attention to little aesthetic details. I so enjoy the sensual nature of things - visual impact, smell, and feel and while I'm aware that this excites some of us more than others I'm happy to know people who enjoy this kind of stuff. Food is one thing that seems to excite most people because it brings pleasure to so many of our senses. I have one friend who does EVERYTHING food over the top! I've learned to accept her meticulous attention to detail(she has no patience for anyone else's sloppiness)
because I know that she throws an amazing dinner party!

Let me tell you about the blog of someone that I have to send things to. She lives in Singapore and her blog is so fascinating. She is very artistic and her photography is impeccable. It's called Hand Made Love and I find her blog's title a funny coincidence to my apprehension about gifting my crafts. As it turned out I didn't send her any of my craft items because I was so curious about how she would turn a moleskin into a work of art.

Then there's Cerri in Tennessee. She sent me a box for the aqua/red swap.

The sensation began as I opened the box. Even the tissue paper was a work of art, the cut edges were all scalloped. Then the aroma of a candle floated out as I marveled at the sweet little boxes and tucked away surprises.

Mind you, this is from a complete stranger! What is this thing? I thought surely we as a human community no longer engaged in such wreckless activity. Well, this is delightful and I confess to being one of the world's leading cynic, am totally confused by it. So if there are any social science crafters out there, care to comment?


yarn4kalei said...

I am also amazed by the generousity of the knitting community. I think that as a whole we are a pretty good bunch of people. I think it has a lot to do with the willingness to invest our time and love into making things for others. Don't be afraid to gift things you have made. Most of the time people really appreciate it. I really think that our time is one of the most precious gifts we can give others. It is the one thing that is truly irreplaceable. Whew, that was a book. sorry... :0)

Mary Anne said...

Knitters and other crafters are generous people, as I have discovered. It's an awesome world of caring and sharing.