Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rhinebeck - part 3

The Naked Truth

I had to take a break from the temptations of the fair grounds - the yarn, the spinners, the food, maple syrup cotton candy, the cheese (yes there was wine and cheese tasting), I have no will power really.

While I was walking out on the grass meadow, I saw those freshly sheered sheep. I wondered which of the many bags of fiber belonged to them. I stood there munching on my freshly popped kettle corn popcorn (man, it was the best kettle corn I've ever had, I ate the entire 5 gallon bag). I decided to take inventory of the damage so far -

I got to visit a lot of vendors. My favorites? Persimmon Tree Farm and Briar Rose. I never made it over to some of the other popular locations, the lines were just too long.

And, the bloggers! That Blogger Bingo was HUGE! Below are some of the many faces I got to take pictures of -

Meet Iris and the cutest Paparazzi (paparazzo for you word people)I've ever seen!

Recognize anyone else? I have some more pictures that have no names associated with them. I need your help reminding me who is who. I'll have to put all of the other pictures in a separate post, blogger is so temperamental when it comes to pictures.

Back inside, I keep telling myself to pull the plug already, I'm nearly out of dough and my feet are feeling numb. Right there in front of me I see someone who had already run out of gas!

But, behind her are these -

Surely, I could not pass that by! Do I buy them all or just the dye lot? Do I buy the merino, the mohair AND the boucle in the same colorway? Oh, darn it! WWUDO??

As I stood there contemplating bankruptcy, the sun began to set and that was the final cue that it was indeed time to go home. I followed the crowds, like sheep, out to the parking lot.

Bye bye Rhinebeck. Until tomorrow...


Iris said...

Hey! That's me & my daughter. She took a pic of you, but somehow my arm got in the way. Oops. Anyway, it was great meeting you. And that's quite a haul you got there- great colors.

Mary Anne said...

which yarns in that photo did you actually buy? all of them? they are lovely colours. I'm happy to hear you had such a great time.

linda said...

hi there~i am a very bad rhinebeck bingo player :( did not catch up with you, but glad to make your acquaintance thru yer blog :)

Jeanine said...

I stopped at the Briar Rose booth too. Nice stuff in there. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything. I couldn't make up my mind.

Carrie said...

"As I stood there contemplating bankruptcy"... hahahahaaa!!! That's me at an "International Gem and Jewelry Show". I think to myself... if I sell my car I could buy more beads, make more jewelry, sell it and then just buy a new car, but I have to get the beads first, right?!? All that yarn is so gorgeous, I can see how it was hard to resist ;)