Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Phyllis scarf

A few weeks ago Phyllis waltzes into our LYS announcing her new masterpiece - a most beautiful reversible cabled scarf in the most sumptuously soft wool I've felt in a long time.

It's Skacel's Adagio. I had to make it. It looked like a fast project that I could insert into the million others I had going on including some very seriously testy deadline projects (one being a scarf I offered as an auction win that has turned into a bit of problem - I'll post about that one once I've solved the problem).

Sunday night, I stayed up late to get started. I really indulged myself because I turned on a movie too and had the best time. I watched Prime and I actually laughed out loud! Here's my progress. What do you think?

I think this is suppose to be a gift idea for a man. However, with apologies to all the men in my life, ain't no man getting this one. It's just for little ol' me.


cheekiemary said...

Gorgeous. Pattern?

Deborah said...

Hi Cheekiemary,

Congrats on your new blog. Check out http://knit1blogtoo.blogspot.com/
they guide all of us newbie bloggers with cool stuff to do.

About the scarf pattern, I'll ask my buddy if I can post it.

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful Scarf and I love the colour! (I would keep it too.)

Beatriz said...

I adore the cables in this color...must feel luxurious because it looks that way in the photo! I wouldn't give it up as a gift either.

Anonymous said...

Pattern is readily available at the Lion Brand website, search their free patterns for Reversible Cable Scarf.
I used about 200 yards of the Skacel.
Enjoy, it's a quick knit once you get rolling.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, that "anonymous" is really me! (Phyllis of the scarf) Blogger calls me "anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you one bit for keeping this one--it's gorgeous!