Thursday, October 19, 2006


My LYS is having a 40% sale today. Don't tell my Stash KAL friends. My sobriety month is December so I'm not really violating my pledge but I still feel guilty just thinking about shopping. And, speaking of shopping, my knitting buddy Phyllis just reminded me that we made a pact to go to Rhinebeck this weekend.

My crip-tonight son should be able to get along with his dad for one day don't you think?? I mean, there is no other place on the planet that a knitter would rather be than at Rhinebeck this weekend right? I mean, I'm not going for the entire weekend. Many Blogger Bingo folks are going for the entire weekend! I'm just going Saturday. Also, it will be like attending a conference at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). I'll get to learn about fiber and such. I might even try my hand at spinning.

Learning to spin might actually come in handy the way the US economy is going. Who knows, it's possible that we won't be able to afford clothes in the next couple of years!

Back to my knitting buddies at my LYS, they are such instigators. I was hanging out there yesterday telling them about my ER day and how I couldn't find anyone that reminded me of my favorite hospital show - St. Elsewhere. There was not a Denzel look-a-like anywhere to be found at Valley Hospital!

Before I could even get started with my ER story, Leslie my other knitting buddy who makes the most beautiful bags, shows me her latest creation. I resist because I'm working on my ITE (International Tote Exchange) bag and can't possibly rationalize making another right now until I've finished with that. Then Phyllis walks in with this adorable scarf that I MUST make. A cabled beauty done with Skacel's Adagio. I've just finished and mailed my ISE (International Scarf Exchange) scarf so I'm available to try a new favorite scarf I tell myself.

Lastly, my Rhinebeck project is sooooo delayed. Remember the green boucle sweater coat I was making? I just can't get back to Englewood to work on it with the knitting zen master LYS owner. Soooo many meetings, not enough play time.


sturdygirl said...

oooh, just be strong! even if your lys has great deals, i bet rhinebeck will have so much cool stuff. i'd love to go someday.

i hear you on the price of clothing. i have been trying to replace some stuff in my wardrobe and things are sooo overpriced. maybe i'll just stick with fabric and sewing classes...

hope your son is mending nicely! :)

Whimsical Knitting said...

LOL, I used to love St Elsewhere, we all watched it at work (the hospital) when we could!
Rhinebeck is going to be a blast! Can't wait to see photos!

Calling Kahlo said...

It is hard to resist a sale at the LYS (which sounds definitely drool-able 40 percent).

Well, you are on my Bingo Card! How will I recognize you? I am wearing the Knit or Die tattoo t-shirt posted on my blog.

Lynn said...

Ok even with Rhinebeck just around the corner, how can you ignore a 40% off sale?!?!?!? You are one strong woman!!