Monday, October 23, 2006

Swapacilious! - UPDATE

Before I can begin telling you all about my thrilling weekend at Rhinebeck I have to catch you up with my swaps. Last week I sent out a few items as evidenced by my middle son here holding the loot -

Those are the Secret Sister Swap, Crafty Sister Swap and the International Scarf Exchange boxes. Missing is the Kids Around the World Swap :(
My crip-tonight son has been recovering from his broken ankle accident and we weren't able to pull off the idea we had for the swap which was to take a video of his average day (it's kind of hard wielding a camera on crutches). Instead I had to do something else. So Brenden, your swap is on the way and I hope you won't be disappointed.

I received from my Secret Sister a wonderful amaryllis bulb along with a trowel and a strange weed wacker gadget that I've never used before!

Before I received the bulb, she sent me wonderful kitchen things with an Autumn theme. She also clipped to a memo board, a great sounding recipe for pecan pie, my favorite! My grandmother used to grow pecans in Savannah, Georgia! How did she know that??

And, last but not least, I found out over on the ITE site that my tote is in the mail! My pal Nickie has a picture on her blog of the absolutely gorgeous tote that is finding its way to me all the way from California!

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Stephanie said...

I want in on some of these exchanges. Is there a list of any upcoming exchanges?