Monday, August 21, 2006

... and speaking of garage sales

I adore needlepoint. I buy them at garage sales (well, somebody has to do it). I can't sew, quilt or needlepoint. I think it is the most delicate of talents (I can crochet lace though). I bought this for $1 and I thought it was sad that such effort could be reduced to a buck. Look at those cute cows! Somebody did a bunch of stitches to make those. Tell me you feel me on this one.


Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

What a sweet needlepoint. Yes, all that work reduced to a dollar. Sad. But great for you to have found it.

Deborah said...


I prefer to think of it as a rescue. It allows me to hoard yard sale needlepoint without violating my Flylady pledge(do you know her).

Kyra said...

Glad you were able to rescue the needlework piece. I'm with you, though, and find it sad to see treasures discarded.