Sunday, August 20, 2006

Who Knew?

Spent the day figuring out all of this blog stuff, haven't had a chance to pick up any needles. Actually, I'm a bit hung over from a very late party at my neighbor Beverly's celebrating her 25th anniversary. Honestly, who knew that 2 glasses of wine can make someone so sick the next day. I wore the best shoes - a brand new pair that I bought 2 years ago but haven't had an occasion to wear them (gotta get a better night life). Here's the kicker, you see the size of those heels? Well in an attempt to keep from looking at the gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling, I spent the day in the garden and I nearly broke my ankle coming down the stairs from the deck! Not tripping in those gorgeous shoes but in my favorite garden clogs! I love these clogs - they are comfy, waterproof and colorful and color is so important to a knitter. Problem is I seem to always lose my footing in them but I've never hurt myself this badly before. Who knew that twisting your ankle COULD BE SO PAINFUL!!??

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knitting pinki said...

OMG, I have the same shoes. I love them. Sorry to hear about you foot, I did the same thing to myself, but I just took a tumble down the hill.

I just added you to the ring, and what part of Jersey are you from?