Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Plumber came back today to tell me that I have multiple leaks. Does that mean my pipes are schitzo? Geez, just rip the damn things out already and get it over with. The dripping in my kitchen is now in multiple places too, this is getting old.

My ankle is better today so I'm up and around doing my old routines. I spent the day doing Home and School stuff over at my children's schools and thinking about how to get organized for the upcoming school year.

I'm partially ashamed that I've also been thinking about what to turn my 12th grader's room into when he leaves for college this time next year (craft room, meditation room, private library, bird aviary - might be messy though. Everytime he complains about his lack of privacy, I remind him that he is the only person in our family with his own room. I've been dreaming about having one of those brilliant textile people like Heather Bailey come over and together we cover the walls in fabulous fabrics. Then we'd make shadow boxes of sweet little dioramas. Oh, could it be that I am regressing to my little girl days now that 50 is on the horizon?? Another question for the therapist...

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