Thursday, August 24, 2006

More garage sale rescues

I was browsing around Heidi's blog of Step Into My Thimble and she was talking about nursing and knitting and fiber fests and all, it reminded me of this tape measurer I got in my box of silk embroidery thread that I rescued for maybe 2 bucks. For all of us who have nursed our children more than 10 years ago, I'm sure you encountered some auntie, granny or older woman who told you to give your newborn infant cereal. One day I'll have to research how much the grain industry greedies marketed this concept to moms. I can see on the reverse of my vintage tape measurer, the advertisement for pablum was very pronounced. So each time our sisters from way back when picked up their often used and trusty tape measurer, they were reminded that pablum was an intrinsic ingredient for their baby's growth. Probably why I have allergies today!

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