Monday, September 25, 2006

Am I crazy or what?

This morning, after I got ready to head off to lend a hand with the town's library gardens, I realized that I should maybe reconsider that. My first day back on my feet and I'm back to the source of all of my pain - gardening.

Instead, I sat out in my garden and saw how wild it had become in the two weeks that I wasn't feeling well. I sat there and didn't get up to fix anything either. Obediently sitting and listening to the quiet and the hum of bees -

I've fallen lin love with dahlias again, how can one little tuber produce such color and beauty?

Ahh, there in the background, was a pool that had become a pond...

Oh well, another day perhaps, I'll take care of that, maybe. In the meanwhile, I'll just wait and 'ponder' the color green. If I concentrate, do you think I can get some lilies to take root that will conjure up some frogs?

There were some things that I was able to finish. It is packed and off to Brazil. Gee, I sure hope she sends me some Jobim (hint, hint).


Heidi said...

Love your "pond", could totally see some lily pads and frogs taking up residence! Love the flowers too, how colourful. That purse turned out fabulous, you really made it look great!

Mary Anne said...

Your dahlia photos are so beautiful and the pond looks like it should have lily pads and ribbits. I hope you feel better very soon.

Jennifer Coomer said...

I am so glad you found my blog so we can commiserate. But I also love all the pictures on your blog! I love that bag. I adore light blue and red together. How lovely.

Lynn said...

Your pool is one of the reasons I'm afraid to get a below ground pool. My above ground plastic job can be drained and scrubbed, what do you do with the cement pond?? I can send you some frogs too if you'd like.

craftybernie said...

That bag is just too cool!