Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday, I spent about an hour at my favorite LYS (local yarn store), intending to buy yarn for the Bushtoong zigzag bag featured in Vicki Square's Folk bags book. Barbara, over at Knitting on Fire, has decided to take this on and I thought it would be fun to do it with her - sort of like an East Coast West Coast PAL KAL. My LYS doesn't carry Lamb's Pride so I was going to substitute it with Cascade 220. The only difference between the two yarns is the mohair in Lambs Pride isn't in the Cascade so there won't be a fuzzy halo after the bag is felted. And then, all of those plans changed when I saw Artful Yarns' Candy.

It did look like candy to this big little girl's eyes.

And, it was on a summer sale for 40% off! Who could resist?

I got right to work on it too

I bought some other colors too

so that I can make my own version of a matching
Klee Scarf.

I saw this scarf almost a year ago and fell in love with its colorful simplicity but every time I thought about all of those ends to weave in... Anyhoo, I think candy is a nice enough facsimile for now.

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